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The Silent One
en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.
zh-2 該用戶能以一般中文進行交流。
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SwordFire82 is a player from Singapore.


Also known as SwordFire in the Viridian Ocean and Sage Ocean, he is currently part of a crew known as Black Plague.

Even though he is a rather quiet pirate in nature, he is a good listener and will voice out whenever he has something critial to say.

He is currently living in a villa on Kirin Island (Viridian).

Puzzle Pirate Code

A++ L Sk- !D DT C>+ P Cp- Bl Sa+(++) Gu+ !N(++) Sw+(++) R+ Al+ SF Dr TD++ Sp- SpN-- Ht-- ?Bn X!:!:! B Sh- Pt $(+) Cl F+ GD FA! Wki++ Scr- Bx