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While the events workshop is a very useful resource for up-and-coming event planners, sometimes it's hard to track the most useful discussions amidst various game show hosts, teasers, and other specific ideas. What follows is a vague and occasionally updated set of links that will hopefully provide a set of core principles for hopeful event planners in the future. Currently, they're organized in reverse chronological order, which is to say that if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather, he'll still appear below you in the list. (But be warned: your next family reunion might be pretty awkward)

  • Ask Uncle Apollo- Some weirdo in pajama bottoms gets his jollies by answering questions from prospective event planners interested in OM support. This is a place to learn what's possible and clarify procedure, not to submit an event proposal.
  • Using the wiki for your event- Provides some tips on using a single, centralized source like the YPPedia to inform contestants of the rules of your event. Especially in a time when it's hard to edit forum posts, this makes it easier to keep people up to date with the latest copy of the rules.
  • How to get OM support for an event- An experienced player/event-runner provides a few tips on getting official support. Not a step-by-step guide, but it does provide a rundown of some of the more common mistakes, especially by new players looking for major support their first time out.
  • Judgebot- Description of a tool to streamline judging of art and writing contests. Not sure of the current status.
  • Event planners and Artemis Dolls- Nominate your favorite event planner for an OM doll. Please think carefully before clicking "post", because the Goddess Of Flinging Pointy Objects Through the Air at High Speeds isn't to be taken lightly.
  • Plots- Some thoughts on how to create a prolonged event based on a storyline with active participation