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Ahoy! My name is Pauling- longtime YPPedia user and occasional contributor. My edits include a mix of crew and pirate pages, as well as information on esoteric game mechanics that I dig up. I can be reached via forum PM under the name "Pauling".

Basic facts

  • Experience: Began playing in August 2005, shortly before the opening of Sage
  • Ocean: Emerald
  • Occasionally found with Popularity Contest on Cerulean.


  • Assisted with numerous events (including the Sage ship show)
  • Blockade XO (Spaniel I; Admiral I)
  • Random jobbing / pillaging reviews
  • Greeter assistance of new players
  • Donated to the funding, operation, and logistics of several dozen blockades
  • Advocate for responsible island ownership
  • Advocate for market-based bounty pricing

Known for