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Wiki-related projects

  1. Get a better grasp on the workings of the wiki
  2. Find a list of the specific tags for pages to prevent "phantom commenter" syndrome
  3. Notable Sage Pirates currently holds my completely unofficial list of "notable" Sage denizens. It could use some trimming, but the general idea for organizing it is there. Interestingly, as of the first draft, it contains less than 25% of the actual pirate pages for Sage. Better than I thought, but still a lot of fluff if you're just looking for the big movers and shakers and whatnot... shame so many of the people on the list retired since it was last updated.
  4. Insert Witty Name here- wiki planner for a Sage newspaper with substantive content, on a roughly monthly basis. It went into limbo when, after a month, I got a grand total of two PMs from people willing to get involved.
  5. Event planner links- A list of useful links and collected discussions from the Events Workshop.

Eventual to-do:

  • Check for other pirates who might qualify for wikification.
  • Improve notable pirates section
  • Verify that watchlisting notable sage pirates works
  • It doesn't. Need some other way to figure out when new Sage pirates are added to the wiki category.
  • Check cleanup of Sage pirates section

Useful wiki goodness (Thanks, Zava!)

Bits and Pieces- straight from Zavaland

The elusive Pirate page stuff: YPPedia:PirateBlank and Template:Infobox_pirate#Usage


[[Category:Crews:Ocean (Defunct)|Crewname]] Only |Crewname if the crewname needs to sort differently than default. (The Crew vs Crew)

Pages I can only find after I've given up looking for them will be listed as soon as I find them again. (sigh)

Faulkston in a box

Outdated Crew Information

Outdated Flag Information

All the neat new Official stuff

Pulling up in-game pages

This is handy when slogging through piles of crews and flags - easy to paste in the rosters of SOs, allies and long public statements. (Not to mention names that are a pain to type.) There's probably a better way, but here's what I do:

  • Get Firefox ;)
  • Install the Linkification plugin. That will change all the text URL's to clickable links so you won't have to copy/paste them from the log.
  • Open yohoho.log in Firefox, and bookmark it. That file is in your YPP directory, wherever that may be.
  • Any Info pages you view in the game will show up in a line like this:
2006/03/09 14:45:14:809 ? yohoho: Requesting URL [url=, usingProxy=false].

After typing /cwho or /fwho and viewing the info page in the game, just refresh the log and click on whatever link you need. Yum.

Who Not To Annoy

Aka, admins to ask about any given category of question:

  • General Policy- Barrister, Guppymomma (that's a weird name, but hey)
  • Templates- Ponytailguy, Attesmythe, Fiddler
  • Recent changes patrol- Zava, Featherfin
  • Can also ask direct policy questions to YPPedia:Help_desk