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Placeholder, because I'm tired of sorting through all the pirate pages with accomplishments like "owns a rat" (Dublon). Criteria to be described in more detail eventually... this'll probably become a subheading of my user page, as an official notable listing would probably cause too many headaches for the wiki admins.

Taken from the overall list

Notable Pirates (Sage Ocean) Aapothecary Ajax Akerasi Amberon Antix Barboza Belgarion Boothook Brombie Daggerdarla Epimetheus Evilard Fannon Fonqueesha Gail Gracemalley Helystra Horror Hunter (pirate) Igniknot Inanna Ivanthered Jjwillis

... (Leaves off where I left off. Free time is funny that way)

Eventually: categories- artist, politician, navver, puzzler, social butterfly. Will also filter out people only tangentially related to sage. No offense.

And yes, I have disagreements with a few of the people on the list. This is an index, not a hearty list, for goodness sake!