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Short summary. Mejestic Is a fairly established pirate of sage ocean. Mejestic helps manage many stalls and has a sizeable crew

Contributions and Awards / Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Prince Of Lunatic Fringe
  • Captian of Vicious Rogues


When I first started I started in under a mate named Volatile under the falg Vicious. There I learned almost everything I know from that crew and flag. I slowly earned my way up through the ranks untill I hit the rank of Fleet Officer, in which the flag then disbanded. Were as me and some of the other Senior Officers of the crew branched off and created a crew called The Rogues. There I was a Senior Officer for a short time. I had the feeling that my captian was going to leave so I again branched off and created a new crew. I got the name from the two best crews that I had been in 'Vicious' and 'Rogues' thus Vicious Rogues was born.