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I'm big on keeping up with Sage's politics and often update flag and crew information if I find it to be inaccurate.


In the world of YPP, I am a resident of Sage as Lucafira. Currently a senior officer of the crew Lunatics' Refuge, and the queen of the flag Lunatic Asylum.

I have a ton of pets: 7 dogs, 13 cats, both a white and orange tiger, and a rat scurrying about my townhouse on Admiral Island.


To Do

  • Acheive Sublime experience in Sailing. Currently at Illustrious, so close!
  • Memorize the entire ocean of Sage
  • Win 100 skellie frays and receive the Skellies Bane trophy. Not too big on skull gathering, but it wouldn't hurt.
  • Sink 100 times in any manner, as well as obtaining a pegleg.


  • Hold a political position in a flag (princess, queen). Have done both!
  • Collected 10 cats.

For the most part, I have no life. Or... that's what I'm told.