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This page is meant to keep track of which LE/Design/'Standard' ships have been updated on their respective pages. Read below for the meanings of each column. The possible options in each box are:

  •  ?? - Unchecked or unknown whether it is correct.
  • yes - Checked, and correct. (Ideal!)
  • part/partial - Partially done, but not complete.
  • no - Checked, and unfinished
  • N/A - Not applicable (usually applies to standard ships)

Requirements for a ship to be marked done

  • "Ship page" - Is this class mentioned on the Ship page?
  • Commodity pages - Is this class mentioned on each relevant commodity pages (e.g. Wood)? Is the quantity correct on each page?
  • Type page - Is this class mentioned on the ship type page, with a correct link back to the class page? (e.g. Sloop would need to have a link to Midas class sloop)
  • Class page - Is this class page created (e.g. Rogue class sloop), with at least the following included?
    • List of adjectives (see last point)
    • Recipe
    • Scenes (in alphabetical order)
    • Correct swabbie info (especially for sloops)
  • Template - Is the ship on the Ship-2 Template?
  • Screenshots - Are there proper screenshots of each area of the ship?
    • Not compressed (e.g. .jpg)
    • Complete, covering the whole scene
  • Prop lists - Does every scene of the ship either have its props listed, or state that there are no props?
  • Floor plans - Does every scene of the ship have floor plans posted?
  • Paint - Does the ship come pre-painted? If so, are the following questions answered on the class page?
    • What color does each scene come pre-painted in?
    • Does every area have its number of paint units listed (and accurate)?
    • Is the total units of paint to recolor the ship listed (and accurate)?
  • LE/Design
    • Is the ship Limited edition? If so, is the time frame it was available in listed on all the following pages?
    • Is the ship a Design ship? If so, are all the following done?
      • Is the '[[Category:Ships requiring designs for construction]]' tag added?
      • Is the ship listed on the Design page?
      • If there is more than one of this type of design ship (think rogue class), does it contain the appropriate List tag (such as [[Category:Lists|Gold class ships]])?
  • Adjectives - Does this class of ship come with a unique set of adjectives? If so, is there a '<class name> class ship adjectives' page?
  • (Future) XML - Does every scene of the ship have the XML posted (found inside the floor plan box)?


For an overview of current progress on the ships, Jamesh keeps track of them on his own personal spreadsheet, found here.