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As if this will ever keep up with the rate of posting in Game Design...

Game Design reverse index

Thread 2: no ideas
Thread 8 (LOCKED):
  Post 19: SF: ratings
  Post 394585: SF: remove ratings
  Post 394872: SF: screen shakes when strikes hit
  Post 395050: SF: more sounds
  Post 395050: SF: more sparks
  Post 395106: SF: control where strikes land on an opponent's board
Thread 60:
  Post 290: list of things to be implemented
Thread 109: no ideas
Thread 127: no ideas
Thread 138:
  Post 649: Carp: simplify
  Post 649: Carp: choice between pieces removed
  Post 649: Carp: choice between holes removed
  Post 649: Carp: score (numerical)
  Post 649: Carp: more "time pressure"
  Post 652: Carp: replace the mechanic with moving already-placed pieces
  Post 652: Carp: number of holes reflecting the amount of damage
  Post 652: Sailing faster adds damage faster
  To be continued, eventually