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About Me

Hello, my name is Kevin. Currently living in Essen, Germany. Married in RL to the woman behind Valkyry, who introduced me to the game one lazy summer evening. I have been a subscriber to YPP since 2004, and I was also the administrator of the KotR forums until the end of their in-game activity.

I despise the YPP Forums.

To Do

I am primarily focusing on creating useful redirects, writing short articles on terminology, and touching up here and there. I am also in charge of keeping the articles relevant to my small pirate universe, especially my flags on Midnight and Cobalt.

Useful code

Flag Box

Put directly under crew/flag infobox code, before rest of the article. See Blighted or Lost Legion for examples.


Multiple Ocean Pet Table

Copy code for ocean table. Turn on/off oceans needed.

{{ocean table|width=auto|cobalt=yes|hunter=yes|midnight=yes|sage=yes|viridian=yes}}
|valign=top style="{{Background Cobalt}}" width=auto|
<!-- Cobalt pets go above this line!-->
|valign=top style="{{Background Hunter}}" width=auto|
<!-- Hunter pets go above this line!-->
|valign=top style="{{Background Midnight}}" width=auto|
<!-- Midnight pets go above this line!-->
|valign=top style="{{Background Sage}}" width=auto|
<!-- Sage pets go above this line!-->
|valign=top style="{{Background Viridian}}" width=auto|
<!-- Viridian pets go above this line!-->

Use Template:My pets to fill out pets for each ocean. Only one start/end tag for all pets in one ocean.

Useful Links

Puzzle Pirate Code

This is my Puzzle Pirate Code: