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The user of the forum/wiki name Gaille plays under the pirate name Gail and usually refers to herself as such.

Gail's forum avatar

Gail plays mainly on the Sage Ocean. As of 27 May 2006, She is fleet officer in the crew Dark Storm Pirates of the flag Deadman's Vengeance.


Gail began playing Puzzle Pirates in September 2005, directed by an advertisement link on Popcap. Spawned on Sage, she remained crewless for a major portion of her piracy career, and spent more time than most pirates puzzling in the navy. She finally joined the crew GODS OF THUNDER in December 2005, and Joined Dark Storm Pirates after GODS OF THUNDER disbanded in April 2006.

Achievements (or similar things thereof)

Gail's winning entry in the Avatars Reloaded contest is actually reused and was originally entered for Prometheus' Iconic Pirates contest.
  • Attained admiral rank in the navy, and retains a complete set of lime navy clothes in her wardrobe
  • Won a portrait easel and 2,000 PoE for second place under the miscellaneous category and Artist's Choice vote winner in Orsino's Avatars Reloaded contest
  • Won a sleeping pig for first place in Gloraelin's Pig pen mini-event, part of Taco's Olympigs event


  • Although she has a pig, the skull is the only trinket Gail has ever won (apart from mass-release Zombie Apocalypse, Fight Club and Sea battle trinkets), and she finds it hard to find something worth bragging to equip in her trinket slot.

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