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Ahoy there!

My name is Laura - you can call me fyre.

I am a twentysomething from Canada living in the UK. I am also a soprano and web designer.

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on the Midnight Ocean

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My Pirate

I am best known for playing as the pirate Fyre on Midnight Ocean.

My Self

I am a Japanese- and French-Canadian, born on January 15th in Toronto, Canada, the youngest of three children. Currently, I live in York in the United Kingdom, making a living as a web developer and soprano.

I attended Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts for studies in vocal music. Following a Bachelor of Music Honours degree in music theory from The University of Western Ontario, I acquired a Masters of Arts in Vocal Studies at the University of York with John Potter, completed in Autumn 2008. My academic focus includes a cappella music and vocal performance.

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