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Who am I?

On the Forums and Wiki:

  • Well, obviously I'm EmberLeo eh? Incidentally, I'm EmberLeo just about everywhere else I go on the internet too.

On Viridian:

  • EmberLeo at first. I almost never play EmberLeo on Viridian yet (someday, when I know what I'm doing, I'll go develop her properly). EmberLeo is a dormant member of the Order of the Golden Dawg, which is run by my real life boyfriend Chiendd.
  • When I realized how bad I was at Puzzle Pirates initially, I created Myrcuri to learn on. She is basically my Vanity pirate. Myrcuri is also a member of the Order of the Golden Dawg.
  • Finally I created Omauwu to try out the mens clothes, and ended up developing him the most. Omauwu is now a member of Odin's Demise which is a part of the Morrowind flag. Omauwu is a manager for Irig's Iron Monger stall on Dragon's Nest (Viridian).

On Malachite:

  • EmberLeo with rat Chai (because Ember without Chai is a fearsome thing indeed). EmberLeo is a member of Odin's Demise which is part of the Memory of Light flag.

My contributions

My biggest contribution both in the forums and in the Wiki so far is as a designer and primary artist for GCPP:Proposal-Gilthead working with Perlandria and Chiendd. I look forward to future contributions, but I can only handle one major Puzzle Pirates project at a time and still have a life. ;)

My YPP Wish list

Menagerie! Yes, I'm the kind of freak who likes the pets. Aside from my rats, I currently have a little grey cat named Anne Bonney. Next I will get a black and white cat named Mary Reade. I want EmberLeo to have a tiger or big white cat named Terrag Jax (a joke from another game entirely). Eventually, I want to have a whole zoo, and a place to keep it.

Shiny Things I Did

I (as Omauwu) won a doll from Oceanus for drawing a picture of a ride on the back of an Archelon. Wheee!


I wouldn't be me if I don't end the page with