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About Me

My pirate on Sage is Crfandy. If anyone needs something done on Ypp just ask and I'll try and help, though like doing Sage stuff more since then I'll know what it's about, but if you need something for another ocean and I can look up the info for it (like a pirate, crew, flag, etc.) I'll help out with that too.

Current Projects

Well, right now I'm going to try adding some new pages sometimes, mostly of stuff on Sage since that's the ocean I'm on, but if want me to make a page anyway just send me a message and I'll help you out. Out of the new pages I'm going to make I'm actually going to pick some off of the list of stuff that are set up to be fixed like cleanups, third person, and other things like that. Then after that probably just going to make some pages that have red links on them so they can link somewhere.