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CaptainDP is the account name of Dmitry.

He is relatively new to the wiki, but likes experimenting, and working on wanted pages.

Dmitry is a native Russian speaker, as well as English, and can be contacted on Midnight if any help is needed.

My Accomplishments

  • I have added Russian to Translated phrases
  • I have worked on countless pirate pages. I fix any pirate page that I see, if it needs fixing of course.
  • I have writted up the Howto guide on Sending Private Messages on the forums.
  • I have worked on the Elysian Fields page, and eventhough it does not greatly benefit the YPPedia, I am still proud of it.


  • Learn to use the wiki better.
  • Create/work on something that really matters for the wiki community.

Puzzle Pirate Code

A++, L-, Sk-, D-, !DT, C++, P+, Cp-, Bl--, Sa, Gu+, N-, TH++, Sw, R, Al++, BS+, TP, SF, Rm+, Dr--, TD ++++, Sp--, SpN--, Ht--, Bn+, X::, B Sh0_-=====, Pt+, $, Cl+, F++, GD, FA, Wki+, Scr, Bx++