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This page is a code reference. Feel free to copy & paste code from here to improve pirate pages. I put this together to help me with my pirate page cleanup.

Basic Layout

The infobox code here assumes that nobody has uploaded the portrait for the pirate in question. I've put every placeholder here in normal brackets ( ) so that you can autoreplace them if you need.

{{infobox pirate

'''(Piratename)''' is (crew rank) of the [[crew]] [[Crewname]] and (flag rank) of the [[flag]] [[Flagname]]. S/he sails the (Oceanname). S/he currently governs [[Islandname]].

Common sections

  • == Personal Statement ==
  • == Achievements ==
  • == Biography ==
  • == History ==

Crew Ranks

  • a [[cabin person]]
  • a [[pirate]]
  • a [[officer]]
  • a [[fleet officer]]
  • a [[senior officer]]
  • [[captain]]

Flag Ranks

  • a [[member]]
  • a [[titled|lord]]
  • a [[titled|lady]]
  • a [[royalty|prince]]
  • a [[royalty|princess]]
  • [[monarch|king]]
  • [[monarch|queen]]


  • [[Midnight Ocean]]
  • [[Cobalt Ocean]]
  • [[Viridian Ocean]]
  • [[Hunter Ocean]]
  • [[Sage Ocean]]
  • [[Opal Ocean]]
  • [[Ice Ocean]]

Quoting pirates

"''Piratename stole my lunch money.''"
:~ '''[[Quotedpirate]]'''


If the article is a stub, add the following code: