Unwavering Ambition

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Unwavering Ambition at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Tremblez
Senior Officer(s) Herofatih, Kittenvonzoo, Ursablack
Organization Autocracy
Politics Autocratic
Shares 81%
Flag Affiliation No Quarter Given
Merged w/ Indestructible as of 1 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Unwavering Ambition.jpg

Unwavering Ambition was a crew on the former Hunter Ocean and once flew the flag of No Quarter Given.


Unwavering Ambition was created by the combined efforts of Tremblez and Ursablack in the summer of 2011. The crew had a great beginning as within two weeks it reached eminent fame and in four more days after that reached the highest point it ever did, 7th highest crew on the Ocean. However in September of 2011 both Tremblez and Ursablack went dormant and the crew fell into disrepair. Tremblez revived the crew, and brought Ursablack back and they began to rebuild it. The crew was then merged into Dezman/Tremblez and Acolyte's old crew, Indestructible on March 1st 2012.

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