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|width=100px|{{trophy|name=Diamond Crab|trigger=Clearing 15,000 crabs}}
|width=100px|{{trophy|name=Diamond Crab|trigger=Clearing 15,000 crabs}}
|colspan=4|{{trophy|name=Boots of Bilging|trigger=[[Sublime]] or higher experience and [[Able]]] standing in Bilging.<br>After [[Release_2007-01-25|release 2007-01-25]].}}
|colspan=4|{{trophy|name=Boots of Bilging|trigger='''''Sublime''''' or higher experience and Able standing in Bilging.<br>After [[Release_2007-01-25|release 2007-01-25]].}}

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Items of information should only be added to this article when consensus is reached on the Trophy Speculation and Discussion thread on the exact criteria for a trophy.
Please do not put your own ideas of what might be correct, as this does not help and will be reverted.
Only trophies which have been seen on pirate pages may be added here in accordance with the forum's spoiler policy.

Trophies are special rewards given to pirates for exceptional achievements. They can be displayed on pirate info pages and in a gallery, similar to portrait galleries. An example of when a trophy might be awarded is when a pirate achieves an ocean wide ultimate standing in a particular puzzle or scores an incredible in a duty report. Trophies are permanent, so they cannot be traded between pirates or taken away when the circumstances with which they were awarded change (e.g. if a pirate later loses their ultimate standing). However, trophies awarded due to bugs in the game have sometimes been revoked. You may view a pirate's trophies in your browser by going to http://OCEAN.puzzlepirates.com/yoweb/trophy/?pirate=PIRATENAME, where OCEAN is replaced with the ocean name, and PIRATENAME is replaced with the name of the pirate on that ocean.

The actual criteria listed below for most of the trophies are conjectured, and have not been (nor will be) confirmed by a developer. They should therefore be treated as unreliable until more specific information is discovered through player observations. Only trophies that have been observed on actual, in-game pirate information pages are listed below.

Unless otherwise indicated, the pirate can only meet the requirements through actions taken after release 2006-10-17. Most trophies count back to that release, and when new trophies are added people who have already met the requirements are usually given the trophy the next time they log on. The few trophies this is not the case for are marked as such and include a link to the release counting for that trophy began on.

A pirate continues to accrue credit towards a trophy over the life of the pirate. For example, a crab cleared during bilging today will always count towards the various crab trophies.

Trophies that are earned are never removed except if they are triggered by a bug. Thus, if a player earned the Ultimate Crafter trophy before the existence of Blacksmithing, they will keep the Ultimate Crafter trophy. Pirates who did not have the Ultimate Crafter trophy before Blacksmithing was added to the game must now earn the Ultimate Blacksmithing trophy in order to earn Ultimate Crafter.

Blockade Trophies

These trophies are awarded exclusively to pirates participating in blockades.

Trophy-Battered Hat.png
Battered Hat
Awarded to pirates who sail, perform Carpentry and bilge for at least 15 minutes on two of the stations and at least 10 minutes on the third in a blockade. The puzzling can be done in one or more rounds of the same blockade. Rigging does not count.
Trophy-Weathered Helm.png
Weathered Helm
Awarded to pirates at the helm of a ship for 50% of a blockade round, whether on the sea battle board or doing other duties while at the helm. The ship must be on the board and able to influence blockade buoys.

The following trophies are earned based on blockade buoys influenced by ships boarded by the pirate. Each buoy influenced counts, so the pirate may receive credit for multiple buoys in a single turn. The pirate need not be on a duty station to receive the trophy. (Example: To earn the Flag Bearer, the ship must influence two buoys for fifty turns or one buoy for a hundred turns or some other combination that adds to a hundred.) Note: There can be multiple flags on a single buoy, but the number of flags is irrelevant.

Trophy-Flag Bearer.png
Flag Bearer
100 buoys
Trophy-Color Guard.png
Color Guard
500 buoys
Trophy-Old Glory.png
Old Glory
2000 buoys
Trophy-Victory Banner.png
Victory Banner
Unknown number of buoys

These trophies are earned for performing puzzles during certain blockades. The exact criteria are unknown.

Trophy-Iron Coils.png
Iron Coils
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Iron Hammer.png
Iron Hammer
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Iron Pump.png
Iron Pump
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Iron Tackle.png
Iron Tackle
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Steel Coils.png
Steel Coils
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Steel Hammer.png
Steel Hammer
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Steel Pump.png
Steel Pump
Unknown criteria.
Trophy-Steel Tackle.png
Steel Tackle
Unknown criteria.

Maneuver Tokens

These trophies are awarded by earning a certain number of maneuver tokens in a blockade, flotilla, or Sea Monster Hunt, while obtaining the specified rating in the duty report for that puzzle. Each level shows a trophy for a higher number of tokens. For example, the Towers of Water can only be earned after the Pillars of Bilge has been earned.


Fine/Good Excellent Incredible
Trophy-Oaken Token of Bilge.png
Oaken Token of Bilge
100 tokens
Trophy-Seal of Bilge.png
Seal of Bilge
100 tokens
Trophy-Pillars of Bilge.png
Pillars of Bilge
100 tokens
Trophy-Token of Water.png
Token of Water
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Water Marble.png
Water Marble
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Towers of Water.png
Towers of Water
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Token of the Pump.png
Token of the Pump
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Seal of the Pump.png
Seal of the Pump
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Spires of the Pump.png
Spires of the Pump
Unknown number of tokens


Fine/Good Excellent Incredible
Trophy-Oaken Token of Carpentry.png
Oaken Token of Carpentry
100 tokens
Trophy-Seal of Carpentry.png
Seal of Carpentry
100 tokens
Trophy-Pillars of Carpentry.png
Pillars of Carpentry
100 tokens
Trophy-Token of Wood.png
Token of Wood
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Wooden Stair.png
Wooden Stair
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Towers of Wood.png
Towers of Wood
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Seal of the Hammer.png
Seal of the Hammer
Unknown number of tokens


Fine/Good Excellent Incredible
Trophy-Oaken Token of Rigging.png
Oaken Token of Rigging
100 tokens
Trophy-Seal of Rigging.png
Seal of Rigging
100 tokens
Trophy-Pillars of Rigging.png
Pillars of Rigging
100 tokens
Trophy-Token of Rope.png
Token of Rope
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Rope Knot.png
Rope Knot
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Towers of Rope.png
Towers of Rope
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Token of the Sheets.png
Token of the Sheets
Unknown number of tokens


Fine/Good Excellent Incredible
Trophy-Oaken Token of Sails.png
Oaken Token of Sails
100 tokens
Trophy-Seal of Sails.png
Seal of Sails
100 tokens
Trophy-Pillars of Sails.png
Pillars of Sails
100 tokens
Trophy-Token of Wind.png
Token of Wind
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Wind Marble.png
Wind Marble
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Towers of Wind.png
Towers of Wind
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Token of the Tackle.png
Token of the Tackle
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Seal of the Tackle.png
Seal of the Tackle
Unknown number of tokens
Trophy-Spires of the Tackle.png
Spires of the Tackle
Unknown number of tokens


These trophies are awarded when a pirate is on the winning team in the specified number of frays.

Skellie frays Trophy-Skellie Hunter.png
Skellie Hunter
First winning fray
Trophy-Skellie Slayer.png
Skellie Slayer
10 winning frays
Trophy-Skellies' Bane.png
Skellies' Bane
100 winning frays
Zombie frays Trophy-Zombie Hunter.png
Zombie Hunter
First winning fray
Trophy-Zombie Slayer.png
Zombie Slayer
10 winning frays
Trophy-Zombies' Bane.png
Zombies' Bane
100 winning frays

These trophies are awarded when a pirate has won the specified number of trinkets.

Skulls Trophy-Bone Head.png
Bone Head
First skull
Trophy-Head Hunter.png
Head Hunter
10 skulls
Trophy-Head Honcho.png
Head Honcho
100 skulls
Zombie hands Trophy-Fresh Zombie Hand.png
Fresh Zombie Hand
First zombie hand
Trophy-Preserved Zombie Hand.png
Preserved Zombie Hand
10 zombie hands
Trophy-Bronzed Zombie Hand.png
Bronzed Zombie Hand
100 zombie hands


Winning kraken's blood Trophy-Mug o' Blood.png
Mug o' Blood
First kraken's blood
Trophy-Chalice of Blood.png
Chalice of Blood
10 kraken's blood
Trophy-Bowl of Blood.png
Bowl of Blood
100 kraken's blood
Defeating a monkey boat Trophy-Brotherhood of the Bronze Pineapple.png
Brotherhood of the Bronze Pineapple
First battle won
Trophy-Society of the Silver Coconut.png
Society of the Silver Coconut
10 battles won
Trophy-Order of the Golden Banana.png
Order of the Golden Banana
100 battles won
Trophy-Hair of the Dog.png
Hair of the Dog
25 rumless sea battles which result in a swordfight or rumble.
(Disengaging or sinking does not count.)

Note: Kraken's blood only counts the first time a specific unit of blood is won. Blood won by a pirate, lost to a brigand, then won again only counts for the first ship to win it.


Buried treasure expeditions Trophy-Beach Comber.png
Beach Comber
First expedition
Trophy-Sandbar Skipper.png
Sandbar Skipper
10 expeditions
Trophy-Reef Raider.png
Reef Raider
50 expeditions
Trophy-Island Hopper.png
Island Hopper
Unknown number of expeditions
Trophy-Bronze Spoon.png
Bronze Spoon
500 kilograms of chests foraged
Trophy-Silver Pickaxe.png
Silver Pickaxe
Unknown amount of chests foraged
Clicking on the tombstone of the Old Man from Oyster Island during an expedition
Note: Only some expedition atolls have a tombstone
Merchant hunt expeditions Trophy-Pilfered Goods.png
Pilfered Goods
First win
Trophy-Hijacked Load.png
Hijacked Load
Unknown number of wins
Shipwreck expeditions Trophy-Waterlogged Spyglass.png
Waterlogged Spyglass
First expedition
Trophy-Sunken Ship's Bell.png
Sunken Ship's Bell
10 expeditions
Trophy-Cannon of the Deep.png
Cannon of the Deep
Unknown number of expeditions
Trophy-Lost Figurehead.png
Lost Figurehead
Unknown number of expeditions
Imperial outposts Trophy-Imperial Private Insignia.png
Imperial Private Insignia
First successful attack
Trophy-Imperial Corporal Insignia.png
Imperial Corporal Insignia
10 successful attacks
Trophy-Imperial Captain Insignia.png
Imperial Captain Insignia
47 successful attacks
Trophy-Imperial Colonel Insignia.png
Imperial Colonel Insignia
Unknown number of successful attacks

Note: The Oyster trophy was previously named "Visited Old Man from Oyster Island" until release 2009-05-27.


These trophies are awarded to a pirate for being aboard a sinking vessel the specified number of times.

First sink
Trophy-Soggy Boot.png
Soggy Boot
100 sinks

Sea Monster Hunts

These trophies are awarded to pirates for participating in Sea Monster Hunts

First journey First sink
Atlantis Trophy-Atlantean Explorer.png
Atlantean Explorer
Trophy-Atlantean Tablet.png
Atlantean Tablet
Cursed Isles Trophy-Cursed Banner.png
Cursed Banner
Must reach the island.
Trophy-Briny Mask.png
Briny Mask
Haunted Seas Trophy-Pale Runner.png
Pale Runner
Trophy-Ghost Fish.png
Ghost Fish


These trophies are awarded to players for hauling chests in Atlantis.

Trophy-Soggy Chest.png
Soggy Chest
50 chests hauled
Trophy-Valuable Chest.png
Valuable Chest
250 chests hauled
File:Trophy-Glittering Locker.png
Glittering Locker
Unknown number of chests hauled
File:Trophy-Overflowing Treasure Box.png
Overflowing Treasure Box
Unknown number of chests hauled

These trophies are awarded for sinking sea monsters in Atlantis. The difficulty of the sea monster does not matter.

5 sinks 200 sinks Unknown number of sinks
Triketos Trophy-Bronze Triketos.png
Bronze Triketos
Trophy-Silver Triketos.png
Silver Triketos
Trophy-Golden Triketos.png
Golden Triketos
Gorgonyx Trophy-Bronze Gorgonyx.png
Bronze Gorgonyx
Trophy-Silver Gorgonyx.png
Silver Gorgonyx
Trophy-Golden Gorgonyx.png
Golden Gorgonyx
Archelon Trophy-Bronze Archelon.png
Bronze Archelon
Trophy-Silver Archelon.png
Silver Archelon
Trophy-Golden Archelon.png
Golden Archelon

These trophies are awarded for defeating citadels in Atlantis. Surviving the fray is not required. Only citadel wins after release 2008-06-03 are counted, and some wins before 2008-09-03 were not counted due to a bug.

Trophy-Bronze Citadel.png
Bronze Citadel
First citadel win
Trophy-Silver Citadel.png
Silver Citadel
Unknown number of citadel wins

This trophy is awarded for winning frays while in Atlantis.

Trophy-Bellator's Bane.png
Bellator's Bane
5 winning swordfights.
(Both 1-on-1 and fray wins count toward the five.)

Cursed Isles

These trophies are awarded solely to pirates participating in the Cursed Isles.

Trophy-Cursed Forager.png
Cursed Forager
500 kilograms of chests foraged
Trophy-Hexed Forager.png
Hexed Forager
6170 kilograms of chests foraged
Trophy-Enlightened Forager.png
Enlightened Forager
Unknown amount of chests foraged
Trophy-Frenetic Forager.png
Frenetic Forager
Scoring a Frenetic at foraging

These trophies are related to frays. Only frays on the actual isle count. Frays alternate rumble/swordfight/rumble etc.
Vargas the Mad will join the enemy for the 5th fray (3rd rumble) and all following rumble frays.

Trophy-Cultist Crusher.png
Cultist Crusher
Winning 5 frays
Trophy-Enlightened Eradicator.png
Enlightened Eradicator
Winning 50 frays
Trophy-Homunculus Humbler.png
Homunculus Humbler
Winning 500 frays
Trophy-Vargas Vanquisher.png
Vargas Vanquisher
First winning fray against Vargas the Mad

Haunted Seas

These trophies are awarded to players for hauling chests in the Haunted Seas.

Trophy-Haunted Chest.png
Haunted Chest
50 chests hauled
Trophy-Eerie Chest.png
Eerie Chest
Unknown number of chests hauled

These trophies are awarded for sinking ghost ships in the Haunted Seas.

5 sinks 200 sinks Unknown number of sinks
Ghost Sloop Trophy-Bronze Ghost Sloop.png
Bronze Ghost Sloop
Trophy-Silver Ghost Sloop.png
Silver Ghost Sloop
Trophy-Golden Ghost Sloop.png
Golden Ghost Sloop
Ghost Brig Trophy-Bronze Ghost Brig.png
Bronze Ghost Brig
Trophy-Silver Ghost Brig.png
Silver Ghost Brig
No known trophy
Ghost Frigate Trophy-Bronze Ghost Frigate.png
Bronze Ghost Frigate
No known trophy No known trophy

These trophies are awarded for defeating graveyards in the Haunted Seas.

Trophy-Bronze Ship Graveyard.png
Bronze Ship Graveyard
First graveyard win
Trophy-Silver Ship Graveyard.png
Silver Ship Graveyard
50 graveyard wins

Order of the Jolly Roger

These trophies were released in December 2008 to celebrate Puzzle Pirates' fifth birthday. They are awarded to pirates based on the creation date of that particular pirate, not the age of the account associated with the pirate. The trophies are awarded upon the first login after midnight Pirate Time on a pirate's creation date; that is, the exact time of pirate creation is not considered. Note: Pirates created earlier than 2006 may have an inaccurate creation date recorded by the server.[1]

Trophy-First Order of the Jolly Roger.png
First Order of the Jolly Roger
One year
Trophy-Second Order of the Jolly Roger.png
Second Order of the Jolly Roger
Two years
Trophy-Third Order of the Jolly Roger.png
Third Order of the Jolly Roger
Three years
Trophy-Fourth Order of the Jolly Roger.png
Fourth Order of the Jolly Roger
Four years
Trophy-Fifth Order of the Jolly Roger.png
Fifth Order of the Jolly Roger
Five years
Trophy-Sixth Order of the Jolly Roger.png
Sixth Order of the Jolly Roger
Six years


Trophy-Sea Legs.png
Sea Legs
Completing 5 missions.

These trophies are awarded to pirates for winning 15 challenge missions in the specified puzzle. The "Play with Swords!" mission may be used to count towards the Fencer trophy, but only once. Note that the challenge missions only go up to level ten - to obtain the trophies, a pirate must defeat the level-ten mission multiple times.



These trophies are awarded for achieving illustrious reputation in the appropriate category.

Trophy-Bejeweled Tourney Board.png
Bejeweled Tourney Board
Trophy-Gilded Atlas.png
Gilded Atlas
Trophy-Golden Gauntlet.png
Golden Gauntlet
Trophy-Monogrammed Ingot.png
Monogrammed Ingot

Standardized Puzzle Trophies

These trophies are awarded for skill in the various puzzles:

  • Ultimate - For achieving ocean-wide Ultimate standing.
  • #1 - For achieving the #1 position on the ocean-wide Ultimate list.
  • Incredible - For achieving an Incredible on a duty report.
  • Broad - For achieving Broad experience.
  • Expert - For achieving Expert experience.
  • Sublime - For achieving Sublime experience.
  • Revered - For achieving Revered experience.
  • Exalted - For achieving Exalted experience.
  • Transcendent - For achieving Transcendent experience.
Trophy-Ultimate Pirate.png
Ultimate Pirate
All ultimate piracy trophies
Trophy-Ultimate Carouser.png
Ultimate Carouser
All ultimate carousing trophies
Trophy-Ultimate Crafter.png
Ultimate Crafter
All ultimate crafting trophies
Trophy-Ultimate of Ultimates.png
Ultimate of Ultimates
Ultimate Pirate, Ultimate Carouser, and Ultimate Crafter.

Piracy Trophies

  Ultimate #1 Broad Expert Sublime Revered Exalted Transcendent Incredible
Trophy-Ultimate Battle Navigator.png Trophy-1 Battle Navigator.png Trophy-Broad Battle Navigator.png Trophy-Expert Battle Navigator.png Trophy-Sublime Battle Navigator.png Trophy-Revered Battle Navigator.png No known
Bilger Trophy-Ultimate Bilger.png Trophy-1 Bilger.png Trophy-Broad Bilger.png Trophy-Expert Bilger.png Trophy-Sublime Bilger.png Trophy-Revered Bilger.png Trophy-Exalted Bilger.png Trophy-Transcendent Bilger.png Trophy-Incredible Bilger.png
Carpenter Trophy-Ultimate Carpenter.png Trophy-1 Carpenter.png Trophy-Broad Carpenter.png Trophy-Expert Carpenter.png Trophy-Sublime Carpenter.png Trophy-Revered Carpenter.png Trophy-Exalted Carpenter.png Trophy-Transcendent Carpenter.png Trophy-Incredible Carpenter.png
Gunner Trophy-Ultimate Gunner.png Trophy-1 Gunner.png Trophy-Broad Gunner.png Trophy-Expert Gunner.png Trophy-Sublime Gunner.png Trophy-Revered Gunner.png Trophy-Exalted Gunner.png Trophy-Transcendent Gunner.png Trophy-Incredible Gunner.png
Navigator Trophy-Ultimate Navigator.png Trophy-1 Navigator.png Trophy-Broad Navigator.png Trophy-Expert Navigator.png Trophy-Sublime Navigator.png Trophy-Revered Navigator.png Trophy-Exalted Navigator.png Trophy-Transcendent Navigator.png Trophy-Incredible Navigator.png
Rigger Trophy-Ultimate Rigger.png Trophy-1 Rigger.png Trophy-Broad Rigger.png Trophy-Expert Rigger.png Trophy-Sublime Rigger.png Trophy-Revered Rigger.png Trophy-Exalted Rigger.png Trophy-Transcendent Rigger.png Trophy-Incredible Rigger.png
Rumbler Trophy-Ultimate Rumbler.png Trophy-1 Rumbler.png Trophy-Broad Rumbler.png Trophy-Expert Rumbler.png Trophy-Sublime Rumbler.png Trophy-Revered Rumbler.png Trophy-Exalted Rumbler.png No known
Sailor Trophy-Ultimate Sailor.png Trophy-1 Sailor.png Trophy-Broad Sailor.png Trophy-Expert Sailor.png Trophy-Sublime Sailor.png Trophy-Revered Sailor.png Trophy-Exalted Sailor.png Trophy-Transcendent Sailor.png Trophy-Incredible Sailor.png
Swordfighter Trophy-Ultimate Swordfighter.png Trophy-1 Swordfighter.png Trophy-Broad Swordfighter.png Trophy-Expert Swordfighter.png Trophy-Sublime Swordfighter.png Trophy-Revered Swordfighter.png Trophy-Exalted Swordfighter.png Trophy-Transcendent Swordfighter.png No
Trophy-Ultimate Treasure Hauler.png Trophy-1 Treasure Hauler.png Trophy-Broad Treasure Hauler.png Trophy-Expert Treasure Hauler.png Trophy-Sublime Treasure Hauler.png Trophy-Revered Treasure Hauler.png No known
Trophy-Incredible Treasure Hauler.png

Carousing Trophies

  Ultimate #1 Broad Expert Sublime Revered Exalted Transcendent
Drinker Trophy-Ultimate Drinker.png Trophy-1 Drinker.png Trophy-Broad Drinker.png Trophy-Expert Drinker.png Trophy-Sublime Drinker.png Trophy-Revered Drinker.png No known
Trophy-Ultimate Hearts Player.png Trophy-1 Hearts Player.png Trophy-Broad Hearts Player.png Trophy-Expert Hearts Player.png Trophy-Sublime Hearts Player.png Trophy-Revered Hearts Player.png Trophy-Exalted Hearts Player.png Trophy-Transcendent Hearts Player.png
Trophy-Ultimate Poker Player.png Trophy-1 Poker Player.png Trophy-Broad Poker Player.png Trophy-Expert Poker Player.png Trophy-Sublime Poker Player.png Trophy-Revered Poker Player.png Trophy-Exalted Poker Player.png Trophy-Transcendent Poker Player.png
Trophy-Ultimate Spades Player.png Trophy-1 Spades Player.png Trophy-Broad Spades Player.png Trophy-Expert Spades Player.png Trophy-Sublime Spades Player.png Trophy-Revered Spades Player.png Trophy-Exalted Spades Player.png Trophy-Transcendent Spades Player.png
Drop Player
Trophy-Ultimate Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-1 Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-Broad Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-Expert Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-Sublime Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-Revered Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-Exalted Treasure Drop Player.png No known

Crafting Trophies

  Ultimate #1 Broad Expert Sublime Revered Exalted Transcendent Incredible
Alchemist Trophy-Ultimate Alchemist.png Trophy-1 Alchemist.png Trophy-Broad Alchemist.png Trophy-Expert Alchemist.png Trophy-Sublime Alchemist.png Trophy-Revered Alchemist.png Trophy-Exalted Alchemist.png Trophy-Transcendent Alchemist.png Trophy-Incredible Alchemist.png
Blacksmith Trophy-Ultimate Blacksmith.png Trophy-1 Blacksmith.png Trophy-Broad Blacksmith.png Trophy-Expert Blacksmith.png Trophy-Sublime Blacksmith.png Trophy-Revered Blacksmith.png Trophy-Exalted Blacksmith.png Trophy-Transcendent Blacksmith.png Trophy-Incredible Blacksmith.png
Distiller Trophy-Ultimate Distiller.png Trophy-1 Distiller.png Trophy-Broad Distiller.png Trophy-Expert Distiller.png Trophy-Sublime Distiller.png Trophy-Revered Distiller.png Trophy-Exalted Distiller.png Trophy-Transcendent Distiller.png Trophy-Incredible Distiller.png
Forager Trophy-Ultimate Forager.png Trophy-1 Forager.png Trophy-Broad Forager.png Trophy-Expert Forager.png Trophy-Sublime Forager.png Trophy-Revered Forager.png Trophy-Exalted Forager.png No known
Trophy-Incredible Forager.png
Shipwright Trophy-Ultimate Shipwright.png Trophy-1 Shipwright.png Trophy-Broad Shipwright.png Trophy-Expert Shipwright.png Trophy-Sublime Shipwright.png Trophy-Revered Shipwright.png Trophy-Exalted Shipwright.png Trophy-Transcendent Shipwright.png Trophy-Incredible Shipwright.png
Weaver Trophy-Ultimate Weaver.png Trophy-1 Weaver.png Trophy-Broad Weaver.png Trophy-Expert Weaver.png Trophy-Sublime Weaver.png Trophy-Revered Weaver.png No known
Trophy-Incredible Weaver.png

Other Puzzle Trophies

Piracy Trophies


Trophy-Silver Crab.png
Silver Crab
Clearing 100 crabs
Trophy-Golden Crab.png
Golden Crab
Clearing 1,000 crabs
Trophy-Bejeweled Crab.png
Bejeweled Crab
Clearing 5,000 crabs
Trophy-Diamond Crab.png
Diamond Crab
Clearing 15,000 crabs
Trophy-Boots of Bilging.png
Boots of Bilging
Sublime or higher experience and Able standing in Bilging.
After release 2007-01-25.


Trophy-Silver Cannon.png
Silver Cannon
Filling 1,000 cannons
Trophy-Golden Cannon.png
Golden Cannon
Filling 8,000 cannons
Trophy-Bejeweled Cannon.png
Bejeweled Cannon
Filling unknown number of cannons
Trophy-Diamond Cannon.png
Diamond Cannon
Filling unknown number of cannons

Crafting Trophies


These trophies are awarded to pirates that forage the specified number of gold nuggets. On 8-11-2008, gold ore was changed to gold nuggets, one gold ore being equal to ten gold nuggets. The trophy requirements were also increased to require ten times as many nuggets as the ore requirement was. The First Gold trophy was later changed back to needing only one nugget.

Trophy-First Gold.png
First Gold
First gold nugget
Trophy-Gold Digger.png
Gold Digger
100 gold nuggets

Carousing Trophies


Trophy-Jade Monkey.png
Jade Monkey
Winning 1 million PoE in a single pot.
After release 2007-12-12

Game Design Trophies

These trophies are awarded to people who make large contributions to the game. Unlike other trophies, these trophies are not automatically triggered. Instead, an Ocean Master adds it to the pirate's trophy page manually.

Trophy-Dread Masterpiece.png
Dread Masterpiece
Contributing in-game art content
Trophy-Gilded Egg.png
Gilded Egg
Submitting a winning egg design
Trophy-Unchiseled Potential.png
Unchiseled Potential
Substantial participation in the Grand Crafting Puzzle Project.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy-Antediluvian Conch.png
Antediluvian Conch
Breaking an antediluvian conch to retrieve the chart inside.
Commissioning 10 solo portraits. (Includes free and competition portraits.)
Trophy-Map and Brew.png
Map and Brew
Buying 100 drinks for an old salt at an inn. (Drinks may be bought for different old salts, over any number of days.)
Trophy-Winged Shoes.png
Winged Shoes
1,000 whisks from whisking potions.
Trophy-Jinxed Idol.png
Jinxed Idol
Unknown criteria (awarded at login time).

Historical Trophies

These trophies were awarded in the past, but are not currently awarded. It is generally understood that they will not be awarded in the future.


Since 2007, trophies have been awarded as part of each team competition.

1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place 7th place 8th place
2007 Halloween events Trophy-Book of Zombie.png
Book of Zombie
Trophy-Skelly Grimoire.png
Skelly Grimoire
Trophy-Undead Nunchaku.png
Undead Nunchaku
Trophy-Bone Lute.png
Bone Lute
Trophy-Eye of the Zombie.png
Eye of the Zombie
Trophy-Zombie Chowder.png
Zombie Chowder
No trophies
2007 Holiday events Trophy-Sleigh Captain.png
Sleigh Captain
Trophy-Booty-filled Stocking.png
Booty-filled Stocking
Trophy-Sack of Flight Powder.png
Sack of Flight Powder
Trophy-Ornamental Cabin Elf.png
Ornamental Cabin Elf
Trophy-Reindeer Feed.png
Reindeer Feed
Trophy-Nose-glow Wax.png
Nose-glow Wax
Trophy-Bushel of Reindeer Apples.png
Bushel of Reindeer Apples
2008 Olympic Games events Trophy-Laurels of Victory.png
Laurels of Victory
Trophy-Glittering Gold.png
Glittering Gold
Trophy-Shining Silver.png
Shining Silver
Trophy-Bold Bronze.png
Bold Bronze
Trophy-Laurel of Poison Ivy.png
Laurel of Poison Ivy
No trophies
2008 Halloween events Trophy-Ye Golden Chained Saw.png
Ye Golden Chained Saw
Trophy-Silver Cannon Ball.png
Silver Cannon Ball
Trophy-Torch and Trident.png
Torch and Trident
Trophy-Hammer and Sharpened Pegleg.png
Hammer and Sharpened Pegleg
Trophy-Sanctified Bilge Water.png
Sanctified Bilge Water
No trophies
2008 Holiday events Trophy-Rolling Pin of the Frost Giants.png
Rolling Pin of the Frost Giants
Trophy-Jack Frost's Egg Blizzarder.png
Jack Frost's Egg Blizzarder
Trophy-Old Man Winter's Cookie Cutters.png
Old Man Winter's Cookie Cutters
Trophy-Snow Maiden's Spatulas.png
Snow Maiden's Spatulas
Trophy-Father Frost's Muffin Tray.png
Father Frost's Muffin Tray
Trophy-Yeti's Soiled Apron.png
Yeti's Soiled Apron
No trophies
2009 Halloween events Trophy-Gilded Sanguinary Chalice.png
Gilded Sanguinary Chalice
Trophy-Silver Daybed.png
Silver Daybed
Trophy-Bronze Nocturne.png
Bronze Nocturne
Trophy-Vampiric Signet Ring.png
Vampiric Signet Ring
Trophy-Tinted Spectacles.png
Tinted Spectacles
Trophy-Wax Fangs.png
Wax Fangs
No trophies
2009 Holiday events Trophy-Prize Holiday Goose.png
Prize Holiday Goose
Trophy-Ghostly Brass Door Knocker.png
Ghostly Brass Door Knocker
Trophy-Abandoned Crutch.png
Abandoned Crutch
No trophies
2010 Pirate Winter Games Trophy-Laurels of Icy Victory.png
Laurels of Icy Victory
Trophy-Glacial Gold.png
Glacial Gold
Trophy-Shivering Silver.png
Shivering Silver
Trophy-Boreal Bronze.png
Boreal Bronze
Trophy-Laurels of Frostbite.png
Laurels of Frostbite
No trophies

2007 Halloween Ye Dread Dead

Pirates participated by fighting in at least one skellie or zombie fray.

2007 Holiday Reindeer Games

Pirates participated by "one on one" challenges against a player from another team.

2008 Olympic Games

Pirates participated by "one on one" challenges against a player from another team or by entering a puzzle competition.

2008 Halloween Trick-ARRR-Treat!

Pirates participated by pillaging. In addition, the following trophies were awarded to individual pirates based on pillage victories against brigands and barbarians.

Trophy-Candy Corn.png
Candy Corn
1 battle won
Trophy-Fist Full o' Treats.png
Fist Full o' Treats
5 battles won
Trophy-A Good Haul.png
A Good Haul
35 battles won
Trophy-Overstuffed Pillowcase.png
Overstuffed Pillowcase
113 battles won


Trophy-Fall n' Crossbones.png
Fall n' Crossbones
Claiming a 2008 Halloween Promotion Bonanza gift in October, 2008.
Trophy-Crimson and Jade Statuette.png
Crimson and Jade Statuette
Claiming a July Promotion gift in July, 2009.
Trophy-One-Eyed Maple.png
One-Eyed Maple
Claiming an All Hallows' Spooktacular Promotion gift in October, 2009.
Trophy-Hearty Harvest.png
Hearty Harvest
Claiming a Harvest Celebration Promotion gift in November, 2009.
Trophy-Snowflake o' Piracy.png
Snowflake o' Piracy
Claiming a Winter Mystery Promotion gift in January, 2010.
Trophy-Budding Blade.png
Budding Blade
Claiming a Spring Surprise Promotion gift in March, 2010.
Trophy-Bloomin' Skull.png
Bloomin' Skull
Claiming a May Mystery Promotion gift in May, 2010.
Trophy-Skull n' Crosscones.png
Skull n' Crosscones
Claiming a Banana Box Promotion gift in July, 2010.

Seals o' Piracy

Main article: Official:Seals

The Seals o' Piracy were a new trophy series introduced in August 2009. Each trophy had a specific task needed to win the trophy, which was announced by the Ocean Masters at (or close to) the start of the month. Full details on the trophy triggers may be seen on the official seals article above - this includes some small differences for triggers on the Crimson Ocean. All seal triggers are counted from the first day of the month in which it is awarded.

Monthly Seasonal Annual
No trophies Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- August 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: August 2009
Complete a challenge for the August 2009 Sweepstakes.
No trophy Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: 2009
Win all 2009 seals.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- September 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: September 2009
Visit three of the necessary destinations.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- October 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: October 2009
Defeat a group of skellies and zombies once each.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- November 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: November 2009
Complete a session of six different duty puzzles.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- Autumn 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: Autumn 2009
Win the September, October and November 2009 seals.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- December 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy: December 2009
Complete ten expeditions.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- Winter 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: Winter 2010
Win the December 2009, and January and February 2010 seals.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- January 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: January 2010
Complete a session of every parlor/inn game, except poker.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- February 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: February 2010
Visit three of the necessary destinations.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- March 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: March 2010
Complete 25 sea battles.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- April 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: April 2010
Complete a session of four different labor puzzles, except Foraging.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- May 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: May 2010
Complete a non-Navy session of five different duty puzzles, except Treasure Haul.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- Spring 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: Spring 2010
Win the March, April and May 2010 seals
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- June 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: June 2010
Reach the melee in three Brigand King battles at sea.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- July 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: July 2010
Complete 30 sea battles; Battles involving a junk are worth triple.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- August 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: August 2010
Play any twelve puzzles, except battle navigation.
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- Summer 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: Summer 2010
Win the June, July and August 2010 seals
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- September 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy: September 2010
Visit four of the necessary destinations.

Puzzle Pirate Adventures

These trophies were awarded to pirates for completing the specified adventure.

Trophy-Crimson Bill's Plume.png
Crimson Bill's Plume
The Jailbreak
Trophy-Greyghost's Treasure Map.png
Greyghost's Treasure Map
Pirate Hideout
Trophy-Greyghost's Treasure.png
Greyghost's Treasure
Greyghost's Adventure


These trophies were awarded to pirates who attended real-life meetups. The trophies are not available to other pirates.

Trophy-Seattle Totem.png
Seattle Totem
August 2006
Trophy-Bradford Starfish.png
Bradford Starfish
February 2007
Trophy-Vegas Dice.png
Vegas Dice
July 2007
Trophy-Bodegraven Wheel O' Cheese.png
Bodegraven Wheel O' Cheese
August 2008
Trophy-Delftware Cannon.png
Delftware Cannon
August 2009

Miscellaneous Historical Trophies

Trophy-Pink Heart.png
Pink Heart
Pirates who were greeters on 2006-10-17. (Not awarded on the Ice Ocean.)
Trophy-Ship in a Bottle.png
Ship in a Bottle
A welcome trophy for the Opal Ocean, awarded from a PoEmail sent to Indigo Ocean players, but able to be claimed on any ocean.

Historical Notes

  • When zombies were introduced, the zombie-specific trophies were incorrect. "Zombie Hunter" used the "Fresh Zombie Hand" picture and vice versa. Same for "Zombie Slayer" and "Preserved Zombie Hand" as well as "Zombies' Bane" and "Bronzed Zombie Hand." This was fixed in release 2007-11-06.
  • On 8-11-2008, gold ore was changed to gold nuggets. The gold trophies had their requirements set to 10 times the original numbers, but anyone who had already foraged gold had their internal numbers set to 10 times what they were. The First Gold trophy was later changed back to needing 1 nugget.

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