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|colspan=12|Awarded to a pirate when the total number of points accumulated by the<br>ships they have jobbed on during [[blockade]]s has reached a specified level.
|colspan=12|Awarded to a pirate when the total number of points accumulated by the<br>ships they have jobbed on during [[blockade]]s has reached a specified level.
|colspan=12|[[Image:Trophy-Golden_Cannon.png]]<br>'''Golden Cannon'''<br> <small>Load 1,000 cannons (?).</small>
|colspan=12|[[Image:Trophy-Golden_Cannon.png]]<br>'''Golden Cannon'''<br> <small>Believed to be related with [[gunnery]], but not loading 1,000 cannons</small>
|colspan=12|Believed to be related with [[gunnery]].
|colspan=12|Believed to be related with [[gunnery]].

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Latest release clock.png This article documents a recently-released or modified feature.
Information is still being collected and may change rapidly.

Trophies are special rewards given to pirates for exceptional achievements. They can be displayed on pirate info pages and in a gallery, similar to portrait galleries. An example of when a trophy might be awarded is when a pirate achieves an ocean wide Ultimate standing in a particular puzzle or scores an incredible on a duty report. Trophies are permanent, so they cannot be traded between pirates or taken away when the circumstances with which they were awarded change (e.g. when a pirate later loses their Ultimate standing).

The actual criteria listed below are conjectured, and have not been (nor will be) confirmed by a developer. They should therefore be treated as unreliable until more specific information is discovered through player observations. Only trophies that have been observed on actual, in-game pirate information pages are listed below.

Piracy Trophies

  Bilger Carpenter Navigator Gunner Sailor Swordfighter Battle
Rumbler Pirate
Ultimate Trophy-Ultimate Bilger.png Trophy-Ultimate Carpenter.png Trophy-Ultimate Navigator.png Trophy-Ultimate Gunner.png Trophy-Ultimate Sailor.png Trophy-Ultimate Swordfighter.png Trophy-Ultimate Battle Navigator.png Trophy-Ultimate Rumbler.png Trophy-Ultimate Pirate.png
#1 Trophy-1 Bilger.png Trophy-1 Carpenter.png Trophy-1 Navigator.png Trophy-1 Gunner.png Trophy-1 Sailor.png Trophy-1 Swordfighter.png Trophy-1 Battle Navigator.png Trophy-1 Rumbler.png No known
Incredible Trophy-Incredible Bilger.png Trophy-Incredible Carpenter.png Trophy-Incredible Navigator.png Trophy-Incredible Gunner.png Trophy-Incredible Sailor.png No trophies

Carousing Trophies

  Drinker Spades
Drop Player
Ultimate Trophy-Ultimate Drinker.png Trophy-Ultimate Spades Player.png Trophy-Ultimate Hearts Player.png Trophy-Ultimate Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-Ultimate Poker Player.png Trophy-Ultimate Carouser.png
#1 Trophy-1 Drinker.png Trophy-1 Spades Player.png Trophy-1 Hearts Player.png Trophy-1 Treasure Drop Player.png Trophy-1 Poker Player.png No known

Crafting Trophies

  Distiller Alchemist Shipwright Crafter
Ultimate Trophy-Ultimate Distiller.png Trophy-Ultimate Alchemist.png Trophy-Ultimate Shipwright.png Trophy-Ultimate Crafter.png
#1 Trophy-1 Distiller.png Trophy-1 Alchemist.png Trophy-1 Shipwright.png No known
Incredible Trophy-Incredible Distiller.png Trophy-Incredible Alchemist.png Trophy-Incredible Shipwright.png No

Trophies for Levels of Achievement

Trophy-Skellie Hunter.png
Skellie Hunter
First winning fray.
Trophy-Skellie Slayer.png
Skellie Slayer
10 winning frays.
Awarded when a pirate is on the winning team in the
specified number of skellie frays.
Trophy-Bone Head.png
Bone Head
First skull.
Trophy-Head Hunter.png
Head Hunter
10 skulls.
Awarded when a pirate has won the specified number of skull trinkets.
Trophy-Mug o' Blood.png
Mug o' Blood
First kraken's blood.
Trophy-Chalice of Blood.png
Chalice of Blood
10 kraken's blood.
Awarded when a pirate is aboard a ship that wins kraken's blood
from a brigand or a barbarian the specified number of times.
(Winning blood previously won by other players
from brigands/barbarians does not count.)
Trophy-First Gold.png
First Gold
First gold ore.
Awarded when a pirate forages gold ore the specified number of times.
Trophy-Silver Crab.png
Silver Crab
100 crabs.
Trophy-Golden Crab.png
Golden Crab
1000 crabs.
Trophy-Bejeweled Crab.png
Bejeweled Crab
5000 crabs.
Trophy-Diamond Crab.png
Diamond Crab
15000 (?) crabs.
Awarded for clearing the specified number of crabs in bilging. Does not have to be in one session.
Trophy-Flag Bearer.png
Flag Bearer
200 points.
Trophy-Color Guard.png
Color Guard
1000-1100 points.
Trophy-Old Glory.png
Old Glory
2000-2100 points.
Awarded to a pirate when the total number of points accumulated by the
ships they have jobbed on during blockades has reached a specified level.
Trophy-Golden Cannon.png
Golden Cannon
Believed to be related with gunnery, but not loading 1,000 cannons
Believed to be related with gunnery.

Achievement Trophies

Battered Hat Driftwood
Trophy-Battered Hat.png Trophy-Driftwood.png
Awarded to pirates who sail, carp and bilge for 10-15 minutes on each station in one or more blockades. The ship you are on probably needs to have influence. Awarded to a pirate the first time they are aboard a vessel which sinks—either at sea or during a sinking blockade.
Weathered Helm Map and Brew
Trophy-Weathered Helm.png Trophy-Map and Brew.png
Awarded to pirates at the helm of a ship for 50% of a blockade round, whether on the bnav board or doing other duties while at the helm. The ship must be on the board & influencing blockade buoys. Awarded for buying an old salt at an Inn 100 drinks, which costs 1,000 PoE. The drinks can be bought for different old salts, over any number of days.
Pink Heart Ultimate of Ultimates
Trophy-Pink Heart.png Trophy-Ultimate of Ultimates.png
Awarded to all players who were greeters before the update of 2006-10-17. Awarded when the Ultimate Pirate, Ultimate Crafter, and Ultimate Carouser trophies are won.