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Hello Pirates!

Trinamy is the captain of Golden Riches and is in the flag I-N-K where she is royalty.

Trinamy started playing Puzzle Pirates when it first came out. Her sister Fleekia and brother-in-law Ekefi introduced her to the game and got her hooked. She joined an active friendly crew where she met Lizzy and Booterken. She had fun playing and learning the game until one day the game decided it no longer liked her and wouldn't let her log in anymore. She tried for months and finally gave up trying and moved on with life.

Fast forward to the year 2014!

Welcome back Trinamy! Yayy! She was able to get the game up and going again. She was quickly befriended by Achip and Ngarla. Trinamy and Achip decided to create a crew together. Here is where Golden Riches comes in. With Achips poker and pillaging skills and Trinamy's easy going and friendly personality, the crew was well known and respected. The crew was very active and stayed in the top 10 fame spot for years.

In Golden Riches is where Trinamy found so many lifelong pirate friends, such as Ngarla, Littlebow, Tribal, Times and Etrigan. Many other great unforgettable friendships were made as well.


They had a curse on Flags, every flag that they joined would explode and fall apart. They finally found their perfect fit in the flag I-N-K.


This is the year that Trinamy became a furniture merchant. She was known for her furniture house sales. (like a yard sale)

This is the year that Trinamy's vision started to go and almost had to quit the game entirely, but thankfully regular shots to the eyeball have drastically slowed down the vision loss. She had given away all of her belongings and handed her crew down to her good friend Blackrune. Trinamy wasn't able to stay away long as she truly loves her crewmates. She returned and took her crew back. She wasn't able to be as active as she once was. Crewmates were seeing less of Trinamy and dormancy commenced. A lot of pirates fell off and the crew started to fall in ranks.


Trinamy isn't on as much as she once was. The new ocean Dark Seas came out and with that it made her ocean become really quiet and it bored her. In 2017 she was content. She mainly played Hearts or Spades.