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Past Biographical History

Tlzallen spawned on the shores of Eta Island on Dec. 7, 2004 and quickly found a home in the ranks of the Ransack Marauders of the flag Silver Dawn. It was there that he cut his teeth on the game and learned the ropes under the watchful eye of Chihiro, Shark and Pjotr. After a year's service and reaching the rank of fleet officer, Allen left to join Kiss Me Mate. But when that crew made it clear their path would lead them away from Silver Dawn, he left the crew and began work on forming The Dawntreaders. He reached that goal on July 4, 2006 and they joined Silver Dawn on Aug. 12, 2006

After rejoining his flag mates as a captain, Allen continued his involvement in the operations of the flag, creating the flag-run ironmonger as a steady revenue stream for Silver Dawn and its defense fleet, Silver Armada. He was very active in the government of Silver Dawn, acting as an advocate for an open form of government and the ceasing of forum abuse. Allen also sailed as a navigator in the defense of both Eta and Cleopatra's Pearls and acted as interim Quartermaster.

Recognized by his flag mates for his unique and effective methods within the game's economic mechanic, Allen was placed in charge of Silver Dawn's two flag owned financial ventures - an ironworking stall on Eta and Thor Thumbs weavery shoppe on Jorvik. Ownership and management of Thor Thumbs, was transferred to Allen in early October 2006. The flag later sold the weavery to one of its crews, Innocent. Management of the flag's ironmonger transferred to Mydnyght of the Silver Bullets when she took the post of quartermaster.

Allen was elected governor of Eta Island by the mates of Silver Dawn and started his term Sept. 17, 2006, naming Berylofun as his second. He succeeded the successful term of Bristar, having served as her second. Allen's term was interrupted for a week Oct. 29, 2006 when Silver Dawn lost control of the island to Notorious Fandango in an epic blockade that lasted 5 rounds. He was reinstalled Nov. 5, 2006 after Silver Dawn reclaimed Eta in a 4-round blockade. One week later he was removed from the governorship once more after Dies Irae claimed Eta from Silver Dawn in a 5-round blockade.

On Nov. 17, 2006 Silver Dawn's governor of Cleopatra's Pearls, Conquest, requested a leave of absence from her post. The flag quickly installed Allen as the island's interim governor to manage the palace and island holdings until her return. With Conquest's help, Allen quickly started and completed the construction of the Shishaq shacks on Cleo, using an extremely cost-effective labor structure with his flag mates to keep costs at a minimum for the project. His economic strategies for the island allowed it to become self-sufficient and without need of additional flag funds to make the island's economy operational. He was succeeded as governor on May 8, 2007 by Flutter.

On June 28, 2007 Allen made what was arguably the toughest decision of piratey career, opting to move The Dawntreaders out of Silver Dawn when what he termed the 'Bureaucratic Kraken' of Silver Dawn's political system had run amok. His senior officers and crew supported Allen in the move and the crew found a new home in Rising Phoenix.

On July 4, 2007 Allen celebrated his first anniversary as Captain of The Dawntreaders, the crew he created in 2006.

On Dec. 7, 2007 several of the senior officers of The Dawntreaders left the crew for personal reasons, but remained in the flag Rising Phoenix. This departure crippled the crew and left Allen uncomfortable with his place in the flag. Needing a change of scenery to continue enjoying the game, he gave the captaincy to Fallenone and left to join Glubber Lubbers in Riot. His new goals included pillaging, pillaging and more pillaging.

On March 25, 2008 Allen reformed The Dawntreaders after the previous members of the crew dissolved her sometime early in the year. Allen determined that the crew would join no flag to avoid the political entanglements that inevitably follow.

In May of 2008, The Bootleggers extended an offer for Tlzllen (aka Allen) to join their ranks as a fleet officer. After much consideration he did so, finding a new home with a bunch of pirates that love what he does - pillaging and fun! The crew's enthusiasm and vigor rallied Allen on to a Top 10 Ocean-wide ranking in Battle Navigation on several occasions.

During his tenure with the Bootleggers and Anchor Management, Allen served as its Blockade Specialist (building two entire fleets from the ground up) and in its Education Department.

However, after two years the crew and flag had grown stale and had fallen away from its strength of events. When crew strife reached a fever pitch and the monarch unwilling to bring an end to it, he left to rejoin the crew he created, The Dawntreaders, as their captain. The crew later joined the Booching Blaggards where Allen immediately became the flag's 'Old Salt', advising on general matters.