Tigerleaf Mountain (Cerulean)

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Tigerleaf Mountain
Favicon.png Tigerleaf Mountain on the Cerulean Ocean
Large island in the Onyx Archipelago
Tigerleaf Mountain (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Acta non verba  
Governed by   Psychox
Navy color   Red
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Tigerleaf Mountain is a large island located in the Onyx Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Fintan Island, Cabo de Hornos, and an inter-archipelago route to Dragon's Nest in the Jade Archipelago.

Natural Resources

This island spawns iron, madder, and stone. They can be bid at the commodities market.


Paints, Potions, and Pygmi-ents (bazaar)
Deadly Concoctions (upgraded)
Mystic Jungle Potions (upgraded)
The Ghostly Roulette (trading post)
The Cursed Isles Museum (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Tigerleaf Trading Post (upgraded)
Monkey Shine (bazaar)
beer goggles rawk (upgraded)
Cheetah in a Bottle (upgraded)
Drunken Monkey Distillery (upgraded)
Drunken Tiger, Hidden Shotglass (upgraded)
Jungle Juice (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Animal House
Shrunken Beds (bazaar)
Couching Tiger (upgraded)
Super Extravaganza Last Day Sale (upgraded)
Chimperial Cottages (right-facing cottage)
Coconut Row (right-facing row house)
The Jungle Nook (left-facing cabin)
Mansions in the Mist (right-facing mansion)
The Natives are Resting (right-facing shack)
Palo Verde Villas (right-facing villa)
Pirate's Paradise (left-facing estate)
Taj Mahal (left-facing pirate hall)
Tarzan's Treehouse (right-facing bungalow)
The Tiger's Lair (right-facing manor)
Where the Wild Things Live (right-facing townhouse)
The Swamp (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Forge of the Jungle (bazaar)
Croaking Cannons (upgraded)
Dragon Fired (upgraded)
Iron Claw (upgraded)
Jungle Jim Iron Works (upgraded)
Monkeying Around Mongers (upgraded)
The Poor Parrot's Shot Shoppe (upgraded)
Roaring Metal (upgraded)
Eye of the Tiger (upgraded)
Gorillas in the Mast (bazaar)
Afrigcano (upgraded)
Fish 'n' Ships (upgraded)
Hidden Ghostship (upgraded)
Lily Pad Lagoon (upgraded)
M&M Factory (upgraded)
Rainforest Rafts (upgraded)
Rudderyard Shipling (upgraded)
Slippery Sloop (upgraded)
Ape Shirt (bazaar)
Feathers and Fur Inc (upgraded)
The Leopard's New Spots (upgraded)
Wild Vines (upgraded)
Temple of Loom (bazaar)
Lion Cloths
Weaving Rainbow (upgraded)


Tigerleaf Mountain is currently controlled by Acta non verba.

Governors of Tigerleaf Mountain


Tigerleaf Mountain was originally located on the Cobalt Ocean. A tree near the northeastern rock area reads, "This island were fashioned by Sadiekate."

The Tigerleaf Mountain market was created shortly after the ocean opened.


Tigerleaf I: 2005-09-17, The Art of War edged out Keepers of the Light in three close rounds.

Tigerleaf II: 2007-12-02, A Song For The Deaf defeated The Art of War in a 5 round blockade.

Tigerleaf III: 2007-12-15, Black Veil defeated A Song For The Deaf in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf IV: 2008-02-02, What The Falchion defeated Black Veil in a 5 round blockade.

Tigerleaf V: 2008-08-15, What The Falchion defeated Eleventy in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf VI: 2008-11-08, The Art of War defeated Eleventy in a 1 round blockade.

Tigerleaf VII: 2008-12-06, Flaming Rosebud defeated The Art of War in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf VIII: 2008-12-13, Eleventy defeated Flaming Rosebud in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf IX: 2009-07-11, Eleventy defends against The Art of War in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf X: 2009-08-02, Crimson Horizons defeats other contender Elements of Fear and Eleventy by a score of 3-2-0 respectively.

Tigerleaf XI: 2009-08-08, Anbin Alayam defeats other contender What the Falchion and Crimson Horizons by a score of 3-0-0 respectively.

Tigerleaf XII: 2010-01-30, Forever Untamed defeats Anbin Alayam in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf XIII: 2010-02-21, Anbin Alayam defeats Forever Untamed in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf XIV: 2010-06-12, Anbin Alayam defeats 5-strenght BK Jinx in a scuttled 5 round blockade.

Tigerleaf XV: 2010-10-16, Forever Untamed defeats Anbin Alayam in a 3 round blockade.

2010-11-22, Forever Untamed transfers Tigerleaf Mountain to Jailbat, winners of the Tigerleaf Free for All event.

Tigerleaf XVI: 2010-11-27, Jailbait defeats Anomalous Purloiners in a 3 round blockade.

Tigerleaf XVII 2010-12-11, Acta non Verba defeats Jailbait in a 3 round blockade

Tigerleaf XVIII 2010-12-18, Acta non Verba defeats Crimson Horizons in a 3 round blockade