The Wrecking Crew

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The Wrecking Crew at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Lefty
Senior Officer(s) Tassel
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation
Founded 27 August, 2005
Dormant as of 27 July, 2013

The Wrecking Crew was a crew on the Sage Ocean.

Public Statement

This is The Wrecking Crew! Welcome to the Wall!


We be Imperial fer a reason, mate.

Unlike every other ship on this ocean, we do NOT actively recuit for this Crew. It takes a certain type of pirate to make the cut and truly call themself a Wrecker.... and we've seen very few who could consider themselves worthy to join.

We'll be watching you as ye job fer me, but it's not JUST yer performace at yer duty we'll be looking at, keep that in mind.

To be perfectly honest with ye, just by looking at ye methinks you're not good enough to be considered part of The Wrecking Crew at all. Care to prove me wrong?

Gig 'em


The Wrecking Crew was founded by Captain Lefty on August 27, 2005. The crew enjoyed a long time of prosperity under his captaincy.

Upon returning from a short trip with family in March, Lefty decided to pass Captainship over to Tidepool, during her Captainship, Tidepool lost a few crewmembers who were loyal to Lefty still, and didn't see any reason to stay around after he went innactive.

Tidepool left the crew, and passed Captainship to Tassel.

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