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'''The Wrath of Posidon''' is a [[crew]] that sails the [[Sage Ocean]].
'''The Wrath of Posidon''' was a [[crew]] that sails the [[Sage Ocean]].
== History of The Wrath of Posidon==
== History of The Wrath of Posidon==
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Wrath of Posidon}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Wrath of Posidon}}
[[Category:Sage Ocean crews]]

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The Wrath of Posidon at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Fireymoon
Senior Officer(s) Lariandi
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 22 September, 2007
Dormant as of 10 January, 2011

The Wrath of Posidon was a crew that sails the Sage Ocean.

History of The Wrath of Posidon

This crew was started by Ajohnrules

Public Statement

AARRR The life of a pirate. We pilly from dawn till dusk then carvort and drink rum the whole night through till it's time to pilly again.

Extended Public Statement

Welcome to the Wrath of Posidon. We hope you have a fun and successful pilly with us. Please read the rules carefully. We are a fun lovng bunch but take our pillaging seriously and work hard at it.

If you wish to join the crew, we are always looking for a few good pirates to join us. Just ask any officer when we are in port or at a stop point or after battle.

Crew Articles

General Rules

  1. Always respect others, and be polite and nice, to others in your crew.
  2. Obey the OIC (Officer In Charge) or any other sub officers the OIC has set up (such as Tactical Officer in battle).
  3. Do not leave during battle. You will be penalized at least one minus on shares.
  4. Do not ask to GUN or Bnav. The OIC will ask you if you are needed.
  5. Do not send tells to the bnaver in battle, this is very distracting and disturbs them.
  6. Keep chatting to a minimum while in battle ... Cheering is allowed.
  7. Do not SHOUT in vessels, this is reserved for officer use.
  8. No Challenge Puzzles while we are at sea. Save them for port and be prepared to leave the game if we leave port.
  9. You will be planked after your first warning.
  10. Ask for PTB (permission To Board), it is required on all ships. Don't just jump on.
  11. If you are a good Gunner, stats of Master or above, then ask once and let us know and if you are needed you will be called upon.
  12. No begging.
  13. While on pilly no trading of articles unless in port.

Rules of Battle

How to team

To do this click on the picture of the opponent you wish to fight. If you are using a sword or other weapon look for the circle with your colors. Example: Sticks are usually large red circle with a smaller brown inner circle.

If there are bots in the crew make sure one person is teamed with at all times.

Station up immediately after battle. NO lazing on deck.

Sword Fight

Always team up in 2's and 3's! NO SOLOS or 4's. No Space BAR! Watch the opponents and make sure to stay teamed, especially after one of their members is killed. The game will move you around so remember to RETEAM. Watch the chat box for commands from the OIC or Tactical Officer.


Usually teams of 3. NO less than 2 on a team. NO SOLOS. In some instances we will ask for all on one designated opponent, so be watching the chat box. NO POWER PLAYS, DO NOT HOLD down the mouse button. Watch the opponents and make sure to stay teamed especially after an opponent has been eliminated.