The Wayward Watering Hole

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The Fancy Lobster
Right-facing Inn (upgraded) on
Isle of Kent (Gull Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Waywardmatt
Erected November 2005
Building-Emerald-The Fancy Lobster.png

The Fancy Lobster is the inn on Isle of Kent, owned by Waywardmatt. Its name is a reference to the complete collection of solid colored lobsters worn by its previous owner. The inn was bought in March of 2020 for 50M from Naploen, as seen in this video. Prior names include Pirate King Palace, Inter-Continental Kabul, and originally, Lettuce Inn. On May 8, 2022, The Fancy Lobster was won in Jazzx's Sailing for St. Jude's contest by Waywardmatt.

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