The Steel Curtain

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The Steel Curtain at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Bearspaw of Pirates of Pittsburgh
Member crew(s) Pirates of Pittsburgh, CEREBUS
Founded 11 August, 2007
Merged with Dies Irae as of 19 September, 2008

The Steel Curtain was a flag in the Midnight Ocean and was founded by Stardog and Buffalowoman on 11 August 2007.

Public Statement

A band of brother & sisters joining together as one in an attempt to cause mayhem & madness across the Midnight Ocean,yarrr!

We do not make alliances on the books. Though if ye flag would like to be allies with us, just send us a tell and we will add ye to our ally list in our private statement. Nothing personal. Temp. alliances will be made for blockades and will be terminated after the event.

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