The Sea Of Riches

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The Sea Of Riches at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Monkala of Wreak Havoc
Member crew(s) Gunfire, The Soviet Union, currycrab, Knights Of The Round, BekkyjosRichRevenge
Dormant as of 19 September, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-The Sea Of Riches.jpg

Extended Public Statement

We are the Flag The Sea of Riches.. If you wanna join the flag just talk to me or any of the royals that are online.. If a crew join The captain of the crew become Royal and if the crew number is big he can nominate 1 of his members to become lord.. If a crew reach 150 members he can nominate another royal from his crew..

Pls bear in mind that in order for you to be royal or titled members, the other royals must vote.. and it usually takes a day thats the longest time in may take..

Main Heads of Power

  • Head of flag-- (king) Monkala
  • King's right hand man-- (prince) Kairobert
  • Head of crew recruitment-- (princess) Laylaa
  • Head of blockades and war-- (prince) Willd (princess) Bekkyjo

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