The Sea Dogs

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The Sea Dogs was an Azure crew in X marks the spot. Their name appears on the Emperor Island monument.

Monument Text

The Sea Dogs sailed the Azure seas with aplomb and derring-do. They flew the flag X marks the spot. These pirates were known to count themselves among their ranks:

Captain Muckypete (Royalty)
Senior officer Flintyodread (Monarch)
Officer Dittemuzz
Officer Gizmus
Officer Gomorrah
Pirate Alzxul
Pirate Kheldon
Pirate Rabidwoodie
Pirate Sirnick
Pirate Sweetscouser
Pirate Vandalheart
Pirate Wolftail
Cabin person Captainadam
Cabin person Jayleeling
Cabin person Saltybeard
Cabin person Sputnik
Cabin person Statib
Cabin person Vulgarjack
Cabin person Winters