The Naughty Corner

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The Naughty Corner at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Phraaspa of The Looney Bin
Member crew(s) The Looney Bin, Collateral Damage, The Cutthroat Darlings, Block it like it's hot, Budgie Smugglers, Arcade, Royal Booty, Blaze and Daze, The Weeaboo Crew
Islands controlled

Wissahickon Island
Cryo Island

Founded 11 June, 2019
Wars None
Last updated on 27 July, 2019
Favicon.png Flag Info

The Naughty Corner is a flag on the Emerald Ocean, formerly the Sage Ocean. It was created by Phraaspa on 11 June 2019.

Public statement

Go sit and think about what you've done.

Extended public statement

We are The Naughty Corner <3

Honesty, fairness and cooperation are what we ask of our mates and allies. Our common goal is to grow and prosper together, while having fun along the way. If you're interested in joining the flag or an alliance, message a royal.


Icon monarch.png Monarch

Phraaspa of The Looney Bin

Icon royalty.png Royalty

Cbt of Collateral Damage

Babybadger of The Cutthroat Darlings

Captainjet of The Cutthroat Darlings

Eminence of Budgie Smugglers

Krafty of Block it like it's hot

Icon titled.png Titled Members

Amazingdarts of Collateral Damage

Boothang of The Cutthroat Darlings

Doyenne of Budgie Smugglers

Duckling of Budgie Smugglers

Kingcreator of Royal Booty

Motsa of The Looney Bin

Rompinrabbit of The Cutthroat Darlings

Tosl of Arcade

Wayk of Blaze and Daze

Yohk of The Looney Bin