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captain= [[Korr]]|
captain= [[Korr]]|
seniorofficers= [[Ara]], [[Bellflower]], [[Carrol]], [[Joshdan]], [[Kasper]], [[Kathe]], [[Kusje]], [[Silverside]], [[Sindaia]], [[Teal]], [[Tealbeard]] (no relation), [[Timmons]], [[Udu]], [[Valandir]], [[Vara]]|
seniorofficers= [[Ara]], [[Bellflower]], [[Bullseyebud]], [[Carrol]], [[Joshdan]], [[Kasper]], [[Kathe]], [[Kusje]], [[Silverside]], [[Sindaia]], [[Teal]], [[Tealbeard]] (no relation), [[Timmons]], [[Udu]], [[Valandir]], [[Vara]]|
organized= no|
organized= no|

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The Lost Lot at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Captain Korr
Senior Officer(s) Ara, Bellflower, Bullseyebud, Carrol, Joshdan, Kasper, Kathe, Kusje, Silverside, Sindaia, Teal, Tealbeard (no relation), Timmons, Udu, Valandir, Vara
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Candy Coated Chaos
Last updated on 12 February, 2007
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Lost Lot is a crew on the Sage Ocean. Founded by Tealbeard on August 19, 2005, it was the first player-controlled crew created there. (The Dread Ringers was created before them.)

The Lost Lot was the founding crew of the flag The Light Brigade; when the flag disbanded (approximately January 15, 2006), TLL moved to the flag Go with the Flow. Following the conquest of Admiral island by GWTF, the Lost Lot was rewarded with a weavery shop there, Weavenge of the Stitch. This is a crew shop, providing merchant training and funds for periodic events such as crew day.

On May 20, 2006, the flag Go with the Flow disbanded, and five days later, TLL joined the flag Deadman's Vengeance. However, finding that they didn't fit in, they departed this flag in mid-July. In early August, after weighing up some very good (and ignoring a multitude of bad) offers, they joined Candy Coated Chaos.

The crew was originally created on the Viridian Ocean, but moved entirely to Sage. On December 16, 2005, Tealbeard was succeeded by Scarymuffin as the new captain of the crew. Both captains were advocates of the crew being a second family and worked to incorporate the notion into the core of the crew and its policies. On February 23, 2006, Kathe succeeded Scarymuffin as the new captain of the crew, in turn ceding the position to Korr on June 7, 2006.

Public Statement

We are an elite crew of experienced, professional pirates. We sail the seven seas in search of fun, plunder, and a good fight. We boast a strong group of officers, made possible by our rigorous scouting and training programs.

We are currently seeking energetic pirate-enthusiasts for all positions. You can have an exciting career pirating in our organization. All candidates will be promoted according to loyalty, skill, experience, and family.

We are a growing organization and looking to expand. We promote 100% from within, so great advancement opportunities await you. Accelerate your piracy, go Lost Lot.

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