The Lobstorians

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The Lobstorians at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Lillobby
Senior Officer(s) Bilgy
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobbers Delight
Flag Affiliation The Lobstorian Republic
Founded 26 February, 2014
Last updated on 8 January, 2015
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Lobstorians is a crew in the Emerald Ocean based in the Ursa Archipelago. It flies the flag of The Lobstorian Republic.


  • Founded on February 26, 2014, by Lillobby.
  • Founding crew of the flag The Lobstorian Republic.

Contributions / activities

  • Founding crew of The Lobstorian Republic


  1. Lillobby (February 26, 2014 - present)

Senior officers

  1. Bilgy (February 26, 2014 - present)
  2. Littleliti (Unknown - present)
  3. LillobbyAlt (Unknown - present)

Titles given

  1. Lillobby (Ambassador) Unknown date - present
  2. Bilgy (First mate) Unknown date - present
  3. Revearr (Profiteer) Unknown date - March 13, 2014

Public statement

We Are Lobstorians!

Crew articles

  1. We will commonly have unique bid auctions for great rewards! Even if you are not in the crew feel free to PM Lillobby an amount then pay him that amount. Not as common anymore.
  2. We do a lot of Kraken Sea Monster Hunts

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin Person: Get an SO or Captain mad enough to punish you.
  • Pirate: Join the crew.
  • Officer: Have at least one ship. You MUST have proficient in one of the following, Bilging, Carpentry or Patching, Sailing or Rigging, Rumble or Swordfighting, and Bnaving. You also must prove that you can handle a small crew.
  • Fleet Officer: Have at least one medium ship (Bigger than Template:Dhow) Have distinguished in one of the following, Bilging, Carpentry or Patching, and Bnaving. Have respected in Sailing or Rigging. Have been an officer for at least one month or have become a close friend of Lillobby or the current captain.
  • Senior Officer: Have respected in TWO of the following, Bilging, Carpentry or Patching, and Bnaving. Be master in one of the following, Sailing or Rigging. Have at LEAST 2 ships or one ship larger than a Merchant Brig.
  • All ranks may be given by Lillobby or the current captain or acting captain for any reason ignoring these ranks.