The Interminable Nomads

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The Interminable Nomads at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Senemuta of The Mercenaries of Sage
Member crew(s) The Mercenaries of Sage, Mastodon Hunters, Blue Demon, Sleeping With The Fishes, Conspiracy, The Black Serpents, Los Crusadoes
Dormant as of 17 September, 2008

The Interminable Nomads was a flag on the Sage Ocean.

Titled Members +


We are a flag that do not simply give out the title of royalty to any captain of a crew. To be royalty you must earn high trust within our flag, and be an active member of the flag - join blockades, join in with flag pillages, etc. Please do not ask to become royalty, when we feel you are suitable enough, you will be approached with the position.

All captains of crew's in our flag will be appointed as titled members, the captain may also chose another titled member later down the line.

How to join!

If you would like to join the flag, please contact our queen - Senemuta or one of our royalty

Or go to: and sign up and send a message on the forums to Senemuta or Royalty