The Fearless Rebels

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The Fearless Rebels at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Preslly
Senior Officer(s) Megatokyo
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Spanking Alley
Founded 21 February, 2010
Last updated on 14 February, 2015
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Fearless Rebels is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean (ex Sage). The crew currently flies the flag of Spanking Alley.


A fun loving crew is what they can be described best as however, when it comes to battles in the raging sea, they don't fall behind as they're an active crew with constant pillages, SMHs and other activities.

Pirates who are interested in having a good time while conquering the sea seas will find their search has just come to an end.

For a time, undergoing a new life Mesmerized through pride yet alive,
Outspoken irregular transcribes, Through the soul as a whole a new crew unfolds.
Self proclaimed, inspired by the same...
Taken from someone else, Never seeing the real self.
We rise to kill thou mephistophelians.

Promotion rules

Pirate: Just ask any officer to join!

Officer (Midshipman): This is a pirate with the rank of officer but with the title "Midshipman". This kind of officer has shown that they have the potential to become a normal officer but is not required to run pillies occasionally, though this status still gives them the chance to run pillages themselves if they wish.

Officer: An Officer has began to show experience by presenting at least three Broads in Duty Puzzles and has at least a Distinguished in Battle Navigation OR must own a ship.

Fleet Officer: A Fleet Officer must have been working in the crew for some time and has shown their loyalty and activity as a pirate. Must have Respected in Battle Navigation and a Senior Officer must confirm that you can run decent pillages frequently. Solid Experience and a few Masters in Duty Puzzles would be beneficial.

Senior Officer: This promotion will be awarded to a loyal crew member that has shown a vast range of higher stats, must be very active and can be trusted in the running of this crew.

Crew rules

  1. No Begging or stealing.
  2. Permission To Board (PTB) is required unless Out Of Battle (OOB) has been said.
  3. Treat all yer officer and mates with respect and we'll run happily.
  4. Do not advise the officer onboard. He is capable of handling the situation himself and can warn and then plank you for the same.
  5. Ranks and positions are allotted ultimately by the Captain and in any condition it is the Captain's word that prevails.

Crew records

21 Feb 2010 Crew founded
22 Feb 2010 Established fame, crew joined Good Grief
25 Feb 2010 Renowned fame, 30 pirates
26 Feb 2010 Scurvy dogs of Celebrated fame, 5 PvPs in a row
27 Feb 2010 Lost 1st WF in SMH
01 Mar 2010 Eminent Fame, crew # 52 on Sage ocean
02 Mar 2010 # 44 on Sage ocean
03 Mar 2010 # 40 on Sage ocean
04 Mar 2010 # 36 on Sage ocean, Good Grief is 4th flag
05 Mar 2010 # 32 on Sage ocean
06 Mar 2010 # 31 on Sage ocean
07 Mar 2010 # 23 on Sage ocean
08 Mar 2010 Blaggards
29 Mar 2010 56 crewmates
02 Apr 2010 # 22 on Sage ocean, 62 crewmates
03 Apr 2010 # 20 on Sage ocean, 65 crewmates
04 Apr 2010 # 19 on Sage ocean
05 Apr 2010 Dread pirates, # 18 on Sage ocean
06 Apr 2010 # 17 on Sage ocean
07 Apr 2010 # 15 on Sage ocean
09 Apr 2010 # 14 on Sage ocean, 70 crewmates
12 Apr 2010 # 12 on Sage ocean
13 Apr 2010 Illustrious fame
14 Apr 2010 # 9 on Sage ocean
16 Apr 2010 # 8 on Sage ocean
16 May 2010 First war ended
27 May 2010 Crew left Good Grief and started own Flag, One Step Beyond
18 Sep 2010 Frame become captain
Oct 2010 Delsmurf become captain, crew started new flag, Spanking Alley
Dec 2010 Benke become captain
22 May 2011 # 6 on Sage ocean, 80 crewmates
23 May 2011 # 5 on Sage ocean, 84 crewmates
19 Mar 2012 # 4 on Emerald ocean, 66 crewmates
20 Mar 2012 # 3 on Emerald ocean
22 Mar 2012 # 2 on Emerald ocean
19 Jun 2012 Preslly become captain