The Enchanted

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The Enchanted at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Wych
Senior Officer(s) Capinevans, Enose, Ivygirl, Madma, Memknok, Thoshe, Woodyhavers
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Fearless Privateers
Founded 21 June, 2007
Dormant as of 25 August, 2012
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The Enchanted was founded on June 21, 2007. They were a crew that sailed on the Sage Ocean.

Public Statement

Are you under her spell?

The Moon rose on the horizon, its shimmering light spreading across the waves as the sea struggled to keep her in its grasp. A lone figure waited for the first touch of moon and sky and water, one foot on dry land and the other embraced in the sea.

She held her hand outright, enfolding the array in her grasp. The witch began first whispering words of magic, then singing them as the power rose within her. A pyre flamed beside her, crackling in defiance as water began to lap at its embers. The waves threatened to knock her off her feet and sweep her away as they responded to the power within her. Still she sang her enchantment, casting forth with the power of land and sky and water. The sea came to her, the moon broke free of its grasp, the fire consumed by her desire... Magic floated on the night and it was hers to command.

They gathered on the shore around her, the enchanted ones who came to her call; earth and air, fire and water; they awaited her command. "To the Sea!" she cried with a wave of her hand. Ships appeared dancing on the waves at her bequest, ready for battle.

"Aye!" the enchanted grinned as the possibility of plunder and rum danced through their minds. They raced to the ships, eager to pillage for their mistress.

Later she ran her fingers through the spoils, gold and jewels fell through her fingers like grains of sand. They made a cheerful tune as they landed on the pile before her. "Well done me loves, well done," she praised.

Would ye be falling under the spell of our captain and be joining our merry crew? To pillage and plunder, drink and make merry? If so the sound of her voice will entice you sweetly. Be prepared to fall under her spell then, to become one of "The Enchanted".

We are a crew dedicated to fun, friendship, and creating a family atmosphere filled with laughter. Please treat all you encounter with respect and love and you will be welcome in our crew. Blessed Be, Wych


  • Pirate: Be in the crew a few days.
  • Fleet officer Have all the requirements of officer, and have time pillaging with the crew. Must be trusted my captain and other officers.
  • Senior officer: Will be given to those who are only trusted by captain and be dedicated to the crew.