The Cat's Meow (Meridian)

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This article is about a mansion. For the Cerulean Ocean crew, see The Cat's Meow (Cobalt).
The Cat's Meow
Right-facing Mansion on
Tigerleaf Mountain (Onyx Archipelago)
Meridian Ocean
Owner Copacabana (Last known owner)
Erected November 2005
Building-Meridian-The Cat's Meow.png

The Cat's Meow is a mansion on Tigerleaf Mountain on the Meridian Ocean.


This house was originally erected on the retired Viridian Ocean, where it had been formerly owned by the following owners:

Ownership history

  1. Jalexander
  2. Moedefoe
  3. Guantanamo
  4. Monlizzy
  5. Qvintvs
  6. Copacabana

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