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{{{1}}} ({{{2}}}) is a list of spades afficionados on the [[{{{3}}} Ocean]] who need partners and/or opponents. If you love spades, and you want to make yourself available for random people to ask you to play, please join.

Joining {{{2}}}

To join, simply add your name to the list below, in the proper alphabetical place. To do this, click the edit button and add the following text: *Pirate_name. Replace the Pirate_name with your in-game name, and you're all set. It would be useful to mention if you can only play on the free days. You can do this by putting * after your in-game name.

Using the {{{2}}} list

If you are in need of a partner or opponent for a spades game, simply send one tell to a pirate on the list that is online. You may wish to copy the following and just paste it into your chat: Ahoy! You're receiving this message because you're on the {{{2}}} list. I'm currently in need of x for a spades game. Replace "x's" with a partner or an opponent, and use as needed.

What is {{{2}}}?

{{{1}}} is a resource started for people who like to play spades whenever they can. Some people have other players heartied, but for the rest, there's {{{2}}}. By signing up for {{{2}}}, you are saying that you do not mind receiving tells about spades games.

{{{2}}} list