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{{{1}}} ({{{2}}}) is an informal list of pirates on the [[{{{3}}} Ocean]] who love to hunt for Greedy brigands.

Joining {{{2}}}

To join {{{2}}}, simply add your pirate's information to the list below. Note that if you join, you will receive tells from pirates looking for a pillage. To add your name, copy the following text:

{{UP2 | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting_or_Rumble | Sailing_or_Rigging | Carpentry_or_Patching | Bilging_Standing | Gunnery_Standing | Best_Time_to_Find_You }}

Edit the article section by clicking here and add your information below the line:

Replace the bolded terms with your own information. Save the article, and you are on the list.

Using the {{{2}}} list

If you are setting up a Greedy Hunt pillage, send a tell to pirates on the list offering them a spot. Send one tell only. Do not use this list if you are close to port or are not planning on attacking ships.

The list

See also the [[{{{1}}}/Supplementary_time_chart|supplementary time chart]].

Pirate name Puzzle standing Times online (PT)
SF/Rumble Sail./Rig. Carp./Patch.   Bilg.     Gun.