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{{My trinkets/{{{1}}}|primary=navy|secondary=ignored|tertiary=}}
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{{My trinkets/{{{1}}}|primary=blue|secondary=ignored|tertiary=}}
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{{My trinkets/{{{1}}}|primary=aqua|secondary=ignored|tertiary=}}
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{{My trinkets/{{{1}}}|primary=atlantean|secondary=ignored|tertiary=}}
Light blue
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{{My trinkets/{{{1}}}|primary=light blue|secondary=ignored|tertiary=}}


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is used for the table of available colors for Atlantis trinkets such as priestess carcanet. If more colors get added, then only this template needs editing, rather than all of the individual articles. The syntax is {{Atlantis trinket display|trinket name}}. See also Template:CI trinket display.