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Raw goods
Mass: 6.2 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: Commodities markets, Merchant brigands
Used by: Apothecaries, Furnishers, Iron mongers, Shipyards,Tailors, Weaveries
End products: Bludgeons, Cloth, Clothing, Enamel, Furniture, Paint, Swords

Tellurium is one of eleven minerals. It is an ingredient in bludgeons, cloth, clothing, furniture, paint, enamel, and swords.

German article: Tellurium

Spawn Locations

Cerulean Emerald Ice Meridian

*Islands without market bidding.


Tellurium is needed in the production of:

Iron monger products
Tailor products

Real World Counterpart

Tellurium is an element, a semimetal, with chemical symbol Te. It is mainly used in alloys with other metals in order to make a better (stonger, more pliable, less prone to corrosion, etc.) alloy.

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