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Tavoo is an officer and Siren of the crew -Fuerza Latina-. He is also a member of the flag -Revolucion Latina-. He sails in the Jade Ocean.


Tavoo started playing Puzzle Pirates in July of 2006, in the Viridian Ocean.

He met Azrael who taught him the basic things to be a really good pirate. She also recruited Tavo into the crew Oceanos, where he improved a lot of his piracy skills.

Then after Oceanos he started to search for more Latin pirates. One night on the inn of Lima Island, Tavo found Falcus who invited him to join him Flota Memetica Imperial in which almost all the pirates are Latin American. After this Tavo started to created a close relationship with Falcus and the other officers and pirates of the crew.

After 4 months he became a really good friend of Danielgar, who introduced to him Juanku who joined him in the crew. 1 month later he improved alot his skills and he was promoted to senior officer in the crew Conquistadores Latinos.

In August of 2009 Tavoo changed from the Viridian Ocean to the Jade Ocean.


He owns a Shack on Wensley.


He owns a rat named Gigi.

Stalls / Shoppes

Tavoo owns a Shipyard on Wensley.

Accomplishments and Fame

  • One of the best gunners of the crew -Fuerza Latina-
  • One of the best carpenters of the crew -Fuerza Latina-
  • One of the best shipwrighters of the Jade Ocean


Defeated by "Tavo"
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Defeated by "Tavo"
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