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Wikicities Migration
This page migrated from Wikicities (now Wikia) in July, 2005. The following contributors agreed to relicense their material here:
  • Barrister
  • Blinkoing
  • Callistan
  • Ihope
  • Lessah
  • Tyroney
  • Zyborg

So unless I'm insane, part of this page wasn't moved over despite having agreement from the contribs. I'm moving over the rest. --Guppymomma 08:52, 16 August 2005 (PDT)

The images of the template in "Example: Two-Piece Holes" should just be a colored wiki table. If not it is bad for scrolling on most browsers.

Masterpiece resets?

Regarding this edit: Has this changed? I thought the stars were there to partly to stop the old MP chains that went on and on forever...? --Zava 16:14, 21 July 2006 (PDT)

The last edit is false information. I just verified this. And I'm pretty sure the behavior with the stars was primarily to stop the "junk hole" issue (where some carpers would use one hole as a junk hole and never finish it). --Thunderbird 16:30, 21 July 2006 (PDT)
I know this is 3 years old, but I'm almost positive the MP counter does not reset, will take screenies the next time I'm in that situation. --Kinkykellee 19:41, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Updated Tutorial Replacement

I rewrote this tutorial for the E2 Tutorial Contest hosted by Astrolabe. In the wake of that I would like the community to consider replacing the existing puzzle description/tutorial with the one I wrote for the contest. It includes all the information from the original and adds to it in many case from my own experience. I've also expanded several sections so there is a beginner and anvanced component to the tutorial. I would appreciate thoughts and comments on this.

I guess I'm seeking this because of all the feedback from mates that know about it and have read it that have told me how helpful it has been for them or for their crewmates.

Hopefully the tweaking I did to it this past week has cleared up some of the formatting issues it had.

Hawkings' Carpentry Tutorial from the E2 Tutorial Contest

--Kgarrett1969 09:16, 1 September 2006 (PDT)

There's also a discussion at Talk:Carpentry tutorial about using that article to replace this one. Personally, I'd like to see something like is done more commonly on wikipedia, where the main article has brief summaries of things like strategy, but at the head of the section would be a notice something like This is only a brief overview of carpentry strategy. For a more detailed article, see Carpentry (Tutorial). --AtteSmythe 09:32, 1 September 2006 (PDT)

Two-Piece Holes

Is there a reason this hole is not on the list?

Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png
Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png
Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock-X.png
Cblock-X.png Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock- .png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png
Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png Cblock-X.png

Can be filled with PF, PN, FF, and NN, all very common combinations. Also a good way to use up two Fs. Zerris 07:43, 11 March 2008 (PDT)

raise your stats! :D

hi okay so if you want a legendary then read this, if you want an ultimate ohs noes!

eheheheheh >.< its super hard getting an ult, so im kinda stuck on leg which is annoying

but heres what i did to get from weighty/proficient to expert/legendary. i know. it took that long to get to proficient shush.

uhh so i can't offer some strategic stuff which probably is useful, but im just not that smart

so if your not all skilled with puzzles which might be the point of this game

but still! then read this!

so at first i totally sucked at carp. i got like goods on dr at best. but i just kept carpenting. so practice is a lot of help, it will make you faster and you'll get used to the controls and pieces.

also, its probably mentioned above or on the page or somewhere on a carpin help site, but im not much of a reader, so i'll just say it. and it's kind of obvious, but you really have to make sure it applies to your carpenting. the tip is that you never want to complete holes diagonally otherwise when you're stuck with pieces that dont work for where you're at, you wont have spaces to use them in. then you'd have to mess up one of them and yeah.

next: nevereverever be wasteful. even if it's to get a masterpiece, you still shouldn't do that.

also! never look anywhere besides the piece you picked up. use the scroll on your mouse to rotate the piece, and the "Z" key to flip it horizontally. i personally never use the "X" button but if your scroll isn't working, i think that should do the trick. But to me it's kinda slow. and um apparently the "C" button rotates it the opposite direction from the "X" key but i never heard of that until today so thats totally new to me!

remember, time is a huge thing. put in pieces as quickly as possible. like i said, within time you'll be able to get faster so it wont be such a big deal. and remember how common each piece is! so here is how i remember them!!!!!


most common piece: chubby piece cute huh?

2nd most common piece: F piece

3rd most common piece: third most common piece yeah not so creative

4th most common piece: L piece a given

5th most common piece: zigzagoon pokemon!

7th most common piece: T piece again, a given

8th most common piece: envelope!

9th most common piece: crotch piece i have no idea why i call it that

10th most common piece: W or dububyoo i personally prefer dububyoo

11th most common piece: cross piece i hate that piece!

12th most common piece: ñ yes, say it like you mean it!!! a spanish N

and last but not least, the long piece which i hate hate hate but used to like!

um if this doesnt help at all, sorry!!! but feel free to send me questions about carp or any other puzzle (besides gunning) and i'll answer! but i dont really go on here much so dont expect a reply from me so soon! but if i read it, i'll send something back whatever it is.

and if this is a bad discussion review type thing PLEASE DONT DELETE I SPENT SO LONG TYPING THIS UP.

byebye! hope that helps.