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Bad Kitty
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Tabzsheff at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Pirate Tabzsheff
Crew Affiliation Loot Shoot and Ravage
Crew Rank Senior Officer
Flag Affiliation
Flag Rank
Ocean Cobalt
Last updated on 13 January, 2008

Tabzsheff is a senior officer and damsel of Loot Shoot and Ravage & Member of Pride and Punishment. He sails the Cobalt Ocean.


Tabzheff discovered the game in February 2006, by accident while looking for a game similar to the bilging puzzle. He is very close to his crew in which he found lots of friends and pirates like Badkittycat, Jasnaz, Lostwafe, Jingo, and others. Most people call him "Tabz" or "Tabzy" and he is well liked by his fellow crew mates.

He is always happy to job for other great battle navigators because he loves Kraken's blood and prefer to be at sea than to be on land.

His newest passion is to hunt Brigand Kings searching for those rare trinkets and he is also listed on the HuBC (Hunters of Brigand Kings on Cobalt).

He is also listed on SHACk (Skelly Hunters Across Cobalt).

He has also started his crews Radio station Death's Sin Radio which is running 24/7 as of 15th Jan 2007.

On March 23rd 2007, he married Badkittycat on the Cobalt Ocean. They were married in real life on Sept. 14th, 2007.


  • Sloop dock.pngCuddly Kitty

Notable Trinkets

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Team Nautical Kombat, Last Place, Fight Club 2006 Cobalt
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Trophies Fight Club 2006.png
Team Lombard Avengers, 2nd Place, Foot Brawl 2006
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Trinket colors Foot Brawl 2006.png
Team Roaming Omen, Champions, Arrrmageddon 2006
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Trinket colors Arrrmageddon 2006.png
Team Vader Kersfees, 4th Place, Santa Rampage 2006
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Trophies Santa Rampage 2006.png
Thank You for Tollorating Bloodworthy & Fireangels Horrific Requests :-)
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Happy Birthday Tabzy !!! I Lubs Ya Babs :-D
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Happy Birthday T ~ Love you with all my heart :) ~ Big Hugs and sweet kisses ~ Love Kitty
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*Smothers you in kisses till you need resussitation, Because I love you more than words can say - Kitty
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Trinket-Valentine's card (lipstick).png
True love cannot be described with words, so simply put I'm Forever Yours! ~ Love You Always Kitty!
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♥♥ March 23rd 2007 ~ Tabzsheff & Badkittycat tied the knot ♥♥
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To tabzy & kitty, heres some cookies for you to to share in front of the fire :D lubs xmiss
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Several awarded.
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Brigand King Trinkets

Banabus The Pale

Ransomed by Barnabas the Pale to Tabzsheff on May, 20 2007
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Colors-trinket-Cursed idol.png
Ransomed by Barnabas the Pale to Tabzsheff on May, 20 2007
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Ransomed by Barnabas the Pale to Tabzsheff on July, 15 2007
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Vargas The Mad

Ransomed By Vargas the Mad to Tabzsheff on August 21, 2007
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Colors-trinket-Scientific tome.png

Azarbad The Great

Ransomed by Azarbad the Great to Tabzsheff on August 21, 2007
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Colors-trinket-Heart of fire.png

The Widow Queen

Ransomed by The Widow Queen to Tabzsheff on December 28, 2007
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