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Syrnade is a fleet officer and midshipman of the crew Nefarious Miscreants and a member of the flag Infamous Rapscallions. He sails the Midnight Ocean.


Syrnade started Puzzle Pirates on September 11, 2005. Known for a time as the Crimson Prince, Syrnade joined Ninjas in the Night where Lucen and Kalaena were in charge. The Ninjas in the Night crew fell into dormancy and merged into Pirates Internationale. Syrnade stayed in that crew for a time, then decided to move to his friend Jegregious's crew.

Both Jegregious and Syrnade remained with The Wailing Bannshee's until recently when they broke off and made their own crew, The Egregious'. The crew gained rumored status in three days, allowing them to join the flag Gracroi's Legions. After The Egregious' was on its feet, Syrnade decided to make his own crew, the Alexandrian Knights, to have yet another crew in the flag Gracroi's Legions. He recently merged the crew with The Egregious' to help bolster the crew.

Syrnade then join the crew Nefarious Miscreants where his heartie Spinbad is captain. He is currently a fleet officer.

Syrnade currently lives in the villa on Guava Island.

Accomplishments and Awards

Places Managed or Owned

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