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Swhite is a senior officer of the crew Sin Nomine and member of the flag Passive Aggression. He sails the Sage Ocean.

Also known as Thereceiver, Swhite has been a member of Puzzle Pirates since Febuary of 2006. The first crew he joined was Swashbucklers of Sage.

After two weeks of playing, he met an officer of the crew The Disbaned during a blockade. He joined The Disbaned and Captain Cherriski taught Swhite many puzzles played in Puzzle Pirates. After about a month in the crew, Cherriski got Swhite his first sloop from her stall for a discount. Being as it was his first ship, Swhite never sold or traded the sloop Hot Haddock for anything. Then there came a point where The Disbanded started breaking apart.

Cherriksi encouraged Swhite to create his own crew but he didnt feel ready. One day when Swhite logged on he saw that he didnt have a crew any more. Cherriski had disbanded the crew and had left for good. It was then that he joined the crew Southern Cross Marauders, led by his good friend Wiking.

After about a month and a half of being in the crew he met Evilard, the captain of the crew Hardcore Sea Ravers. Evilard also encouraged him to create his own crew. In the one month that Swhite was part of the Hardcore Sea Ravers he met a pirate by the name of Dendrobia.