Surface Floaters

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Surface Floaters was an Azure crew in Surf Nixons. Their name appears on the Emperor Island monument.

Monument Text

Surface Floaters sailed the Azure seas with aplomb and derring-do. They flew the flag Surf Nixons. These pirates were known to count themselves among their ranks:

Senior Officer Yarrgo (Monarch)
Officer Akmed
Officer Booberry
Officer Chesterton
Officer Gorvus
Officer Htrog
Officer Jimmer
Officer Megwhite
Officer Mightypants
Officer Pappers
Officer Roguehyren
Officer Wedgie
Officer Yesmassa
Pirate Bento
Pirate Buckledswash
Pirate Carter
Pirate Conseptik
Pirate Cottser
Pirate Dedric
Pirate Force
Pirate Greggory
Pirate Grrr
Pirate Ironbesscash
Pirate Jerbeard
Pirate Joppa
Pirate Longbeardjr
Pirate Majbeard
Pirate Malloc
Pirate Manbeard
Pirate Pree
Pirate Ragnaroc
Pirate Rottgutt
Pirate Sigmund
Pirate Zatarra
Pirate Zombiepirate
Cabin person Avenant
Cabin person Aznarthur
Cabin person Cabinman
Cabin person Cherrydoll
Cabin person Cooter
Cabin person Gimpy
Cabin person Gladys
Cabin person Jammerjeff
Cabin person Krimeny
Cabin person Pic
Cabin person Redbottom
Cabin person Sally
Cabin person Seasparr
Cabin person Takeshi
Cabin person Ye
Cabin person Zune