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Super Awesomeness at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Steveb of Boochin' Drunks
Member crew(s) Arcane Abyss, The Bloody Chives, Boochin' Drunks, BootyBandits-West, The Dark Navy, Independent Pirate, Munch's Army, The Pirate ARRrrmy
Relatively dormant as of 12 May, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Super Awesomeness is currently a relatively dormant flag that sails the Cerulean Ocean and was founded on January 21st, 2006 on Cobalt.


Long ago, and far away, in the Midnight Ocean, some jobbing greenie pirates were invited by Kiradathis to join her crew called Rainy's Griffons. Those pirates became best of mates, sailing together when they could, on the Midnight Ocean.

Later in 2004, Captain Kiradathis temporarily retired from Puzzle Pirates to realize the real life joys of getting married and starting her family. When she left, she turned the crew over to the most capable hands of Jessipirate.

In February of 2005, Three Rings opened a new ocean known as Cobalt. A few mates in the Griffons had decided that Midnight just wasn't challenging enough (or maybe too challenging because most of the islands were already conquered). So feeling they were up for the challenge of helping to colonize the new ocean, a few mates picked up and began their pirates on Cobalt Ocean from scratch, coming together to form the Boochin’ Drunks led by Epona under the flag On the Rocks.

Another ambitious pirate from the Griffons, Gassibear, with his wife Peera, brought his family over to Cobalt and formed the Munchkin Bears, carrying the flag Midnight Refugees.

Among the pirates who made the migration are Bobert, Epona, Jessipirate (later known as Jakaubrey), Tammygal, Deejaylain, Gassibear, Peera, Zealous, and many are still with the crew today, or return from time to time when real life allows it.

Jessipirate, the acting captain of Rainy’s Griffons on Midnight, was a close to both crews and their captains. There was some drama between Jessipirate and Epona, then captain of the Drunks, as Jessipirate chose to start her own one-man (little did WE know!) crew rather than join either crew. Epona departed, leaving the Boochin’ Drunks in the hands of Tammygal. Seeing what this had done to their mate’s friendship, Tammygal and Gassibear decided to bring both crews together under the Midnight Refugees flag. The merger was wonderful! Lots of pillages, and spamming on the flag officer chat channel, and camaraderie that was well had by all. Members of both crews even had alt characters in the sister crew. After a while unfortunately, mates in the flag realized they lacked experience and skill in the political puzzle. They gave up their flag, and both the Drunks and the Bears joined Synful’s flag, Spit into the Wind. Of course, this did not stop the fun had by all within the 2 crews in flag officer chat, causing many a bad word from the other crews in the new flag.

The mates in both crews were not happy. So, the Boochin’ Drunks and Munchkin Bears were off on their own again, back under the Midnight Refugees flag and competing with each other in recruiting goals. Life was back to normal again, and the mates were happy.

Unfortunately, not long after that Gassibear and Peera fell on hard times, losing a couple family members suddenly followed by other hardships. Seeing Gassibear and Peera online became rarer and rarer, and the Bears were dwindling in numbers.

Around late December of 2005, Deejaylain approached Tammygal saying that she was interested in becoming a captain of her own crew. The timing was perfect, as Tammygal began a new job that would keep her from playing Puzzle Pirates as much as she wanted. Captaincy of the Drunks was handed over, and Tammygal was made first mate.

The question now was what about the Bears. Gassibear’s and Peera’s characters were dormant, so control of the crew was available to anyone. Tammygal remembered she had an alt character with the Bears that was an officer. In order to give the remaining Bears a safe haven in which to play, but still leave the dormant pirates a home within the flag, she and Deejaylain decided to merge the two crews together under the Boochin’ Drunks. Also, since Gassibear was the monarch of the flag, and again his character was dormant, it was unanimously decided that the Drunks begin a new flag. Using a catch phrase that became popular after winning battles and when discussing clothing modeled by fellow mates, Deejay called the flag SUPER AWESOMENESS!

In 2007 the flag was renamed to its current spelling.

Since then, many a crew has found a home in the flag - some to go on to greater things and some to remain and form the foundation of a great force.

Over the years we've mates that have come and gone, both fantastic and horrid, learned a lot from our experiences and have a lot of knowledge to bring to the newer mates. But most of all, in the years that we've been together we've become a family and we HAVE FUN!!!

Notable events

Public statement

But the power of destiny is something awesome; neither wealth, nor Ares, nor a tower, nor dark-hulled ships might escape it. -- Sophocles

Extended public statement

Visit our forums and sign our guestbook at

Welcome to the flag of Super Awesomeness, one of the founding flags on the Cobalt ocean. We are a fun loving group of friends, working together to achieve our common goals. We are a diversified lot comprised of pillagers, shop keepers, war mongers and scallywags. Check your ego at the door and come have some fun with us.

We have worked hard to achieve status in the ocean and look to build on that hard work with the island we now call our Super Awesome home. We don't ask much of our member crews but we do expect each crew to support the flag in its mission to the best of their abilities. There are no "dues" expected from our crews, though donations are very much appreciated and we do have fund drives from time to time.

We do maintain standards for officers representing the flag, we ask that Captains ensure their respective officers have received the proper training and can handle the responsibility of the rank bestowed upon them.

Our mission is simple, defend our islands as well as our standing as one of the best flags on the Cobalt ocean.




Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 14 April 2007 Viridis VIII Attacking No What The Falchion vs. Walk The Plank, Smuggler's Guild, Raiders of the Lost Arch, What Lies Beyond, Cataclysm, Don't Tread One Me, -ONE SHOT ONE KILL-, The Black Sheep, SUPER AWESOMENESS 0:3:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 Didn't win island
2 21 July 2007 Viridis X Attacking No Walk The Plank vs. Super Awesomeness 0:3 Won island
3 29 July 2007 Viridis XI Defending No Super Awesomeness vs. Walk The Plank 0:3 Lost island
4 27 October 2007 Ansel VIII Defending Yes Super Awesomeness vs. The All-Consuming Flame 3:0 Defended island
5 3 November 2007 Ansel IX Defending No Super Awesomeness vs. Oceanus Expeditus, Dark Asylum 3:0:0 Defended island
6 12 July 2008 Ansel X Defending No Super Awesomeness vs. Caution Road Humps 3:0 Defended island
7 27 September 2008 Ansel XI Defending Yes Super Awesomeness vs. The All-Consuming Flame 2:3 Lost island
8 4 October 2008 Ansel XII Attacking Yes The All-Consuming Flame vs. Super Awesomeness 0:3 Won island
9 18 April 2009 Cormorant VII Attacking Yes All Hands On Deck vs. Super Awesomeness 1:3 Won island
10 19 September 2009 Ansel XIII Defending No Super Awesomeness vs. Got Milk 1:0 Defended island
11 28 January 2012 Cormorant VIII Defending Yes Super Awesomeness vs. The Jade Empire 3:0 Defended island
12 23 February 2013 Papaya XVII Attacking No Twisted vs. Super Awesomeness : Elements of Fear 0:0:3 Didn't win island
13 10 August 2013 Ansel XIV Defending Yes Super Awesomeness vs. Jinx 3:1 Defended island
14 11 January 2015 Carmine XII Defending Yes Super Awesomeness vs. Jinx 2:3 Lost island
15 21 February 2015 Carmine XIII Attacking Yes Jinx vs. Super Awesomeness 3:1 Won island
16 24 October 2015 Cormorant VIII Defending No Super Awesomeness vs. Babylon 3:1 Defended island
17 31 October 2015 Cormorant IX Defending No Super Awesomeness vs. Babylon 3:0 Uncontested Lost island
18 14 December 2015 Cormorant X Attacking Yes Babylon vs. Super Awesomeness 3:1 Won island

External links

Visit their forums and sign their guestbook here.