Stench of Death

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Stench of Death at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Whitewillie
Senior Officer(s) Arpazia, Babolalii, Benny, Gangning, Joaquin, Mangamaniac, Mouselion, Phebee, Teklalilla, Wick, Youngking
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Recurring Nightmare
Founded 4 April, 2006
Disbanded as of December, 2006

Stench of Death was a crew that sailed the Sage Ocean. The crew flew the flag of Recurring Nightmare.


Stench of Death was originally founded under the name Bloodscale Dragonauts by Whitewillie on 4 April, 2006.

By December of 2006 the crew had disbanded.

Crew Articles

General Rules

  1. Work hard at all times on any pillage, and follow orders of officer in charge.
  2. Do not pester shipmates for money.
  3. Do not use bad langauage.
  4. Do not chat officer in charge when on pillage, wait until port.
  5. Ask PTB must be used when boarding a sloop, or you may be planked

Officer Rules

  1. Always restock to full amount, if ye cant afford to dont pillage. (demotion to pirate and fine)
  2. Never pillage on a under stocked ship. (demotion to pirate and fine)
  3. Follow orders of officer in charge of pillage.
  4. Show respect to all fellow crew and officers.
  5. Check with the captain before appointing any new officers (SO's only)
  6. Always leave ships dock at a inhabited island.
  7. Don't start pillage unless you have the time to finish it or have agreed for some one to take over.

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person: Only have to ask, its easy.
  • Pirate: Must have 2 broads and narrow in gunning.
  • Officer: Must have at least broad in all piracy stats and have sloop.
  • Fleet Officer: Must have at least solid in all piracy stats, own a ship bigger than a sloop, have the trust of the higher officers and captain.
  • Senior Officer: Outstanding service and loyalty to the crew, you need to work hard to gain this honour.
  • Captain: Not in this life time.

Crew Colors

The crew colours are white and red.