Squadras Mortale

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Squadras Mortale at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Djcoolboy
Senior Officer(s) Herwin, Sickboyo, Valhero
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Imperial Army
Founded 18 December, 2007
Merged with Hawkins Crew as of 28 October, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info

Squadras Mortale was a crew on the Viridian Ocean. The crew's last flag was Imperial Army. Its last captain was Djcoolboy. As of 28/10/08 They are merged into Hawkins Crew

Squadras Mortale has been in the flags RiddleMakers and Step up before they joined the flag Imperial Army.

Public Statement

The Squadras Mortale Pirates welcome you To The Crew! ii !

The RulzZzZz:

1# The important rule! RESPECT your other members! don't make conflicts with each other.

2# If there is a senior officer or Me The captain that ask to come help on a pillage, we really want that you come but if you really can't come, just say that and we will accept it. But DONT IGNORE please.

3# This is for all the officers, fleet officers and the senior officers. Always RESTOCK the vessel that you used! And first ask it to the owner.

4# people that wanne get a rank higher They only may ask it to the senior officers or the captain. They will negotiate with the other senior officers and with the Captain.

5# If there is a WAR you MUST come and help uss in blockades,... You will get inoff poe for that we will promis you :-).

6# Our home port is Lima Island, SwampFen Island and Dragon nests'. There are the good vessels that you maybé can use (with permission) or there will be the good pillages given.

7# And my last rule is: ENJOIN MY CREW MATES!! Have a great time in my crew.

greetzzZ The captain, and the senior officers.

- What Do you most to have to become an:

- cabin person: sorry we always make a new member pirate. - Pirate: Nothing. - Officer: 2 Broad and 2 solid. - Fleet Officer: 3 Broad, 2 solid, 1 weightly and you most to have 1 ship. - Senior officer: 3 Broad, 2 solid, 2 weightly and You Most to have 2 ships and the Respect of the other So's and the Cap.

GrttzZz The captain, senior officers..

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