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Sparster, originally from the Hunter ocean many years ago, came over to Emerald to with the merging of the Oceans.

While not having bad stats, Sparster never really noticeably excelled at anything until the introduction of Patching into the game. After notoriously staying on Legendary for 5 straight days despite getting constant increds, Sparster managed to achieve Ultimate. A few days later he achieved number 1. If you ever see him on a SMH, you can guarrantee that he will be patching!

Part of both the largest and highest ranked crew in the ocean, famous rivals of the also renowned UEFA Champions League, Sparster, known to be extremely immature, took part in a well planned sabotage mission in which the Captain of UEFA's CI Sloop was sunk. Ever since that day, The Dark Imperial Assassins and UEFA Champions League have been great rivals with many attempts at war being launched. However, UEFA seem to have disappeared from renownedness, now number 15 on the crew leaderboards.