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Familiars Won

Sparrowhawk began life as a beta tester on the Azure Ocean after finding his way onto a ship during 2003's Talk Like A Pirate Day. When Azure's sun foundered and dawn arrived at Midnight, his captain and crew refounded The Privateers and struggled to make a new home for themselves. He ended up as a Senior Officer and was named the Chief Tactician of The Privateers, if only for being such a poor excuse for a swordsman. When the crew finally decided to join a flag, they unfortunately chose Nueva Revolucion, which did not work out well. They and the Infernal Infidels left the flag to join Midnight Armada, where they still remain. By 2005 Sparrowhawk began to spend less time a-sail, due to some of the more inescapable demands of shore life. He remained a senior officer in Infernal Infidels when the two crews merged in November 2005. Sparrowhawk is semi-retired at the current time but has no plans to leave Puzzle Pirates.

Sparrowhawk won a Blue/Red parrot whom he has naturally named Arha in the Logic Puzzle of May 2003 on Midnight. He designed and ran another Logic Puzzle event in her honour as part of the (2004) Midsummer Winter Festival, and may one day design another.

Bonus Question (for no points): What are Sparrowhawk and Arha's real names and why?